Saturday, December 6, 2014

Back to Work

Time to get motivated on something new once again. It basically took me two weeks to get the new apiary built, stands installed and leveled and the hives all moved. Of course I alternated these jobs more or less as I had to put up the first stand, move two hives, put up the second stand etc. Not to mention clear out the fence line, install the new gate then put up a double strand of barbed wire around the area to keep the useless nags out.

Horses and bee hives do not mix well. The sheep have never wandered that far down into the pasture. They seem to be only comfortable within about 100 yards or less from the barn and only the yearling flock is allowed free range into the Winter pasture anyway and then only for a few weeks overall. At most maybe six weeks before we sort em out into slaughter lambs and market lambs. We may keep a couple ewes if they look good and have the right lineage but since we don't line breed there are few candidates for keeping.

My son was wondering why I insisted on getting the last two hives moved Thursday morning in the heavy frost and light rain until he woke up yesterday morning and saw the heavy rain and mud. His first comment was it had been a good thing we got it all done.

Concentrating all these hives unto our 25 acre spread did cause me a bit of concern about forage availability but I am pretty sure there is more than enough out there to keep these hives well supplied. In fact my own observations of the areas within about a mile radius of our place tells me I could easily add an uncounted number of hives without a problem. That's the beauty of Missouri there is always enough edge land and pasture around to keep bees happy and half the time I don't think the girls really bother hitting the soybean blooms like they could.

The bad part is the heavy rain allowed me to stop moving. Now I need to kick it back into gear and select another project to work on. Guess it's time for another little walk about and see what jumps out at me as needing worked on next.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. I guarantee you'll find something to do. And the gravy part is (from your readers' standpoint), we get to see the pictures.

    1. RP - Ya I hauled up a wheelbarrow load of wood and went and got some RR ties for my Mother's new cabin-thing. Then the wet and mud drove me back inside.

      Hey aren't you suppose to be at the Dentist office?

  2. I'm sure motivation will not be long in coming PP.

    1. John - Usually some pressing need forces my motivation. I don't have to wait too long :)

  3. PP,

    Hi ho hi ho...... back to work i go!!!

    I wonder what dwarf PP is????


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