Friday, October 3, 2014

One Extreme to the Other

Ya know if it wasn't for the fact that the climate change loons started off saying one thing, then another, then started trying to figure out ways to extort money from me but not from thee, I would maybe start thinking there might be something to their climate change claims.

Well that and the fact that what we are experiencing has been documented before too.

I will say this though we have been seeing the largest, widest swings in weather I can ever remember. It almost reminds me of being married to my Ex wife. Ya just never know whats going to happen from one day to the next but your pretty damned sure it ain't gonna be good.

Between Wednesday, Thursday and today I couldn't tell you how much rain we got for sure because I never emptied my gauge. My mom said she has emptied hers that goes to six inches twice already and it is filled again. 18" of rain? All I know is that for the first time I can ever remember my basement is flooded. It's always leaked a bit and there is nothing down there that can be hurt in this old house anyway but this morning I went to check and there's about six inches of water down there.

I then got called into work. Great.

I have no idea if the drain is stopped up or if the water is maybe standing over where the drain goes to or what is going on yet.

And it's still raining.

It's suppose to get down to 36 degrees tonight too.

Did I mention it was still raining?

We have gone from very Hot and dry to almost Winter cold and wet in less than two days and it's been bouncing around like that all Summer. A month with no rain and then BAM more than can be handled. Whats more confusing is it is happening in the wrong months too. Traditionally we are suppose to steadily fall in average rainfall from April on a gradual path all the way until January and then it builds back up again fast in March. Sometimes the peak comes in May instead of April but not this year. In fact it seems to go up one month then down to nothing the next these days.

Ya know I was listening to talk radio as I was driving this afternoon as they were interviewing that Doctor who is making the big bruhaha about the CDC lying to us and Ebola and all that. I don't disagree with the man at all and he made sense. I just don't think what he has to say is going to make a difference is all. Int he end it's going to be up to us sustainers and our own preps because the policies of the government will never allow them to protect us. Anyway he did say one thing profound that keeps being played back into my head.

"The earth is groaning under the weight of over population"

I will say the evidence I am seeing supports this gentleman's claim.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Don't you think it is strange that there is a new virus(enterovirus D68) in the country that seems to attack young people and just a coincidence that our government let thousands of kids illegally into our country that came from third world germ infested countries. The big story of the year is waiting for the journalist who links all of that together and lays it on the white house door step.

    1. Sf - I don't find it strange at all. It's what they want. They want all the unwashed masses here and they want to force the American Middle class into that mass as well. I certainly don't agree with it but I know how they feel and knowing that means it doesn't surprise me at all.

      They are scum that need to answer for their sins however.

  2. "The earth is groaning under the weight of over population"

    reminded me of Romans 8 : 22

    For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

    Living in the End Times

  3. Yes we have climate change, 4 times a year, summer, to fall, to winter, to spring, and summer again. Then there is the other, the political climate change which is due Nov of this year and thank god Nov. of 2016.

    1. Rob - Yep 2016 let's just hope we don't end up with Billery.

  4. I still go back to the climate change theories, and one thing does stick out. The increased temperature will allow more energy to be taken up into the atomsphere, which in turn will spawn more extreme weather patterns. More rainfall, drier droughts, more powerful hurricanes, etc...

    1. K - Well we may have been in a warming period although now the other side claims it hasn't warmed at all in what was it 15 years? Anyway I just am not buying the man made part of it since we haven't hit any extreme further either way than have been recorder long before man could effect any climate outside a 1 room house.

  5. Why I distrust the climate clange fanatics.
    Back in 2006 we were told the temperature would rise by x according to their computer models. Then someone studied the underground peat fires in Indonesia, combined they release more CO2 than Germany. Then they found undersea methane being released in massive quantities amongst others. Their climate models did not have these other variables yet the rises in temperature they said would happen didn't even though the rise should have been even greater due to the missing variables.
    The only conclusions you can come to is either their computer models are deeply flawed and they do not have the faintest idea how the climate works. Or the models were programmed in such a way as to give the answer they desired.
    Either way does not inspire me with confidence!

    1. Ro - I agree completely. It seemed they were always simply adjusting their data to fit their agenda and then screaming TAX EM!!! Then when faced with counter data it was denial and finally just ignoring it.

      Typical scam job.

  6. Maybe it is time for a plague of Biblical proportions to thin the herd a bit, just hope it stays in the third world. Or at least Detriot, New York, and California.


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