Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tractor Time : Hard At Work

Cutting Alfalfa this afternoon and then extracting a Medium Super full of honey after that. If your interested in the honey extraction process here's a link to a post I made about it last year.

Looks like I will be getting my old Ford out and putting her into rake mode tomorrow but the cutting has to be done with the Massey I am afraid.

I know these girls are all sad that I won't be using the older sexier tractor. As usual click for a larger image.


  1. Are any of those new tractor drivers the refugees that you were talking about? They will probably be upset when they see the little Ford roll out as size does make a difference to experienced tractor girls.

    1. Ya know I think Rob was trying to say something about kymber and size mattering yesterday in fact. He got his scooby snack from her over it but who would have thought size mattered that much to her?

    2. Perception is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to size or something like that. Or maybe it is something about poking your eye out if you run with sticks like a monkey. Could be Behold: don't run with a small stick and speak loudly like an ape. I get those sayings all mixed up.

    3. Isn't it something like rock beats scissors?... I know I heard that somewhere.

  2. Sized doesn't always matter, its how you handle the horse power. Those gals must use a closed cab with air, they are hot, but not sweaty....;)


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