Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Second Night of Looting

Looks like the rioters actually planned on another night of fun and mayhem by all accounts but it was mostly cut short as the combined police task force decided to engage this evening rather than stand around and watch. MRAPS and Tear gas appear to be the order of the evening from what I have seen on the internet videos.

Reports I received from people who live around the area say the official list of looted businesses is a bit of an understatement although technically correct. Apparently the cops last night did manage to show up at several locations and basically stop any real looting by their very near presence and so a few incidents were listed as just theft or vandalism rather than full scale looting. There was also more than a few instances of private property damage that doesn't seem to be making it into the media stories.

No drivers dragged out of their cars and assaulted yet that I know of though.

I spoke with a co-worker this evening who made a late afternoon/early evening trip through part of the looting zone on I-270 and he reported a couple of overpasses crowded with people and that some were throwing rocks, bottles and the like down onto traffic.

But the most interesting observation my co-worker had to relay? Apparently the entire metro area outside the looting zone and even I-70 West of the Missouri river was almost devoid of speed traps and LEO presence. Why he even said the Wentzville-Foristell-Wright City speed trap corridor was unwatched this evening and not a Mo. HP car in sight his entire trip through on I-70 all the way to Columbia. They must have pretty much cleaned all the manpower they could out of Eastern Missouri and pulled em into St. Louis this evening.

This is another sign of collapse from the edges my friends. As the cities become more and more uneasy they will suck all available resources from manpower to MRAPS  into them and leave the rural areas to fend for themselves. Whether they really want to or not the bloated government goons will get bogged down in the cities. They may hate our peaceful, Lilly White rural areas. Despise our freedom and independence but in the end as things continue to decline they will have bigger fish to fry then us. Those social engineering efforts they have placed so much faith and our tax dollars into will take a backseat to keeping the wheels of commerce open.

What remains to be seen now is how long the inner city folks will keep draining resources this time. There is no head to the monster stirring in St. Louis. If there was it would realize it is winning because it is causing more financial damage then it is taking. Of course it is mostly just a parasite so it would kill itself off when the host dies but we won't let on will we?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I agree with you. Although I agree that an investigation must take place as to why exactly an unarmed 18 year old man was shot multiple times and died, outside an apartment building, looting and civil unrest of this magnitude are likely expressing something else, beside simple protest.

    1. Jane - Oh I agree they need to get to the bottom of what happened. Too many ego driven, trigger happy cops out there but then again what we saw happen when the guy hit the kid up in Detroit and the reliability of the witnesses int hat incident make me question if any investigation will satisfy even part of the whole.

      There has been too much us v. them propaganda thrown around for political gain and we are witnessing the real downside of it I think.

  2. Jane is correct, IMHO: it's a symptom of the indigent population segment, seizing the opportunity to take what they want.

    1. RP - Yes I agree. But where will it stop this time and how long before there are nor eal gains to be made and what happens then?

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    1. And bring me a new computer screen!!!!

    2. What kind of discount could we get for new laptops?? They already have the ten finger one......


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