Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Bigfoot in Kymber's Woods Sighted

Run Kymber, Run!!!

Wait. Does that thing have boobs? Maybe I should have looked at that pic closer?


  1. well buddy - you can be sure that i am not going out to the hottub tonight - even tho i really need it as the bug bite venom makes you really stiff in the tendons and muscles! and holy crap - that transgendered big foot looks very familiar????

    buddy, even tho you are a wiener, you are proving that calling you a brother a long while ago was the right thing to do. you are keeping me laughing when all i want to do is to be crying - i can't think of a better brother! and oh man, sticking poor Harry's face on a transgendered sasquatch? priceless buddy. i can't wait until Harry sees this. bahahahahahha!

    love you bro.always the best to you and yours. your friend,

  2. No comment I already took a bullet for you today...evil grin.

  3. OMG....can't comment. transgender bigfoots...and one of the boobs is enlarged...bahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  4. PP,

    It looks as if the big foot has 4 sets of hands, lol


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