Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This is Looking A Lot Like 2012

As we hit the 90's today with a hot, dry wind blowing in from the Southeast it reminded me so much of the same conditions we saw during the Spring/Summer of 2012 I had to pause a bit.

Of course the actual drought effected counties has shrunk in Missouri. If you remember the April 15th map it had the center section of the state as being abnormally dry all the way into St' Louis but we have also had an extremely dry weekend and now two days into the work week and hitting record high temps.

The only good thing I remember about the drought of 2012 was all the extra time I had to get projects finished since I didn't have to mow constantly.

The extra time didn't balance out the loss of bee hives or the miserable hay crop we got that year though. I certainly hope we are not heading for a repeat of 2012.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Where do you fall in the map Preppy? Drouthy or in the gray?

    1. TB - Actually I am, as near as I can figure it, about right on the line between gray and the yellow abnormally dry. The last map two weeks ago had me solidly in the abnormally dry but we got about five inches of rain last week.

      That's kinda how it was in 2012 we had a few strong powerful storms but not enough long soaking rains and even the powerful ones stopped by the end of May.

  2. I have never been in your part of the country and I just never figured the weather was as harsh as what I have seen you experience. Maybe the experts are wrong, 2012 was a bad year in so many ways.

  3. May you get rain with no tornadoes or hail.I know it seems like that will never happen but it does sometimes:)

  4. I would love to send any water from here to any place. April was our 2nd wettest on record. You know the black wonder is claiming Global Warming is a issue. Soon the Dummy-crates will blame the last 8 years of their BS on GW and not G.W. Bush, but they will blame him too

  5. PP,

    Oh I remember 2012, we were bad down here. The fires are already going like crazy, the drought and winds don't help. Our property already has cracked ground, noticed that the last time I went to mow.

  6. I hope it won't be a repeat of 2012 for you. Praying you get some much needed rain.

  7. I was out driving around this morning about sunrise, and I saw one of those big sprinklers on a pole going in a field. I can't figure that out, we've had way more rain than normal and everything is still damp. The guy that owns the field is in his late eighties, maybe he just figures he always put the sprinkler out this time of year before so he will just keep doing it.

  8. I wish I could send you some of our rain. Barely have time every other week for the lawn to dry out enough to mow it.


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