Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There is considerably less barn activity today

Well the poor little boys are walking stiff legged today. That is if they even decide it is worthwhile to move. I actually managed to enter the barn once or twice to get something without causing a complete riot to take place. Only half a riot ensued, the girls are still up and at em of course but I noticed a definite decrease in bleating and running around/jumping all over everything. Usually late afternoon all the little ones start running in a circle and after a few hours when you think they have to be wore out they decide to run in a circle the other direction.

Another few days and I will get my barn back and be able to start taking wheel barrow loads of dried up hay and sheep droppings into the garden to use as mulch. We will be taking the entire maternity flock down to the pasture at my parents place while bringing up the invalid flock to put them out on the grass I fenced off so I wouldn't have to mow it any longer. The invalid/Hospital flock is getting the better end of the deal if you ask me but nothing is going to get in the way of my mother keeping all the babies at her place... no matter how many excuses she has to come up with :)

Fine by me actually as we are closer to the road up here. I just wish she felt the same way about those useless nag horses and the holy donkey of the manger that carried Mary to Bethlehem.  But Noooooo, she leaves them up here to tear up my pasture.

Speaking of the donkey. I was out in the garden this afternoon and the donkey was maybe 20 yards from me eating in the hay field because no one has moved em off it yet. I guess this means no early cutting, anyway as I watched her she seemed to sway back and forth and then just fell over... Boom.

Well ya know what I am thinking right? So I sat down in the shade and watched. And watched... And watched some more. About a half hour later  I saw her ear flick.

I guess she was only taking a nap and it was too much effort to actually bend her knees to lay down. I swear that donkey is going to outlive all of us. The Vet checked her out yesterday after he castrated the lambs and he agreed that at the very least she was alive during Biblical times. In fact he said he had never seen a donkey this old before. I know my Mother has had her over 25 years and I remember the thing looking old when she got here.

I am seriously estimating her age at pushing 45 minimum.

They are forecasting scattered thunder storms again and I hope we get a few. It's getting seriously dry once more and very hot once again.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Have you heard about the oldest living cat? He was born in 1990..and still kicking. Your donkey made me think of that cat..does donkey have a name?

    Poor baby boy lambs, had their "boys" cut should give them ice packs today.... : (

    1. They have always called the donkey Jenna. She got me again tonight but she was further away this time. Must have laid out there totally still for 2 hours while I worked on the garden.

      They can't hold the ice packs I tried :)

  2. Your lambs have half a mind to do something, but er, can't remember what it was.
    I have a bunch of those yard long beans left and I will send you a bag of them if you want to try them. They are best planted in warm weather so it isn't too late by a long shot. Let me know at gillpollard at gmail and I will get them out to you.

    1. Sf - Will send you an email tonight!!!


  3. PP,

    The old donkey figured she would play with you knowing you've been watching. Little do you know she's been keeping an eye on you.

    1. Sandy - She still is playing with me. Took a two hour or more nap tonight as well.


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