Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So NASA Predicts Societal Collapse Does It?

I am sure you have all seen one of the various articles out there about this NASA study.

Here's How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse

NASA Funded Study: Industrial Civilization headed for...

Interestingly enough the study used several words I have written of in many of my various "Carrying Capacity" posts and yet these so called experts...

Which when did the Space Agency become the department of experts of civilizational collapse anyway... OH wait I know when the Femocrats took over... never mind.

Apparently I can sum up the entire NASA approved method of avoiding global collapse in one word.

Redistribution ....

Yep there it is.

Did you know that back in 2008 NASA was the only Federal government agency to have less than a 100% over hire percentage for Affirmative Action employees. If I remember right NASA was sitting at a 65% overage back then. I wonder what it is now that their mission is no longer to go into space but to be an agency of minority outreach and uplift.

Now that's some serious redistribution right there.

Read the articles if you can stomach them. Indeed I would argue that it is the constant wasteful expenditure into social engineering and redistribution that will in fact cause this decline and eventual collapse to continue. We waste too much of our resources on social welfare that includes far more than just Mashawn's EBT card let me tell you. Just about all government spending is social welfare of one type or another and calling it redistribution is just another way of saying theft.

In true class warfare form NASA says the "Elites" which (let's use a common Liberal tactic here) simply means White People, mainly Men, consume too much and will cause social unrest. I claim BS, what consumes too much is the Multi-Cult's attempts at fitting round pegs into square holes and spending to achieve un-natural equality outcomes.

We could be traveling the stars by now but instead we are stuck on Earth worried about keeping our true leaders in the gutter while Affirmative Action Presidents spend more time picking out sports trees than they do worrying about Foreign Policy.

The collapse cannot come soon enough my friends.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. No wonder we have to rely on Russia to get into space, what a joke the US is becoming.

    1. Sf - Obummer basically got rid of the Space part of NASA back in 09. His directive was for them to do more minority outreach.

  2. WTF is NASA doing this study for?! There is obviously no end to what bs taxpayers are being made to pay for, ooo, EVERYONE loves NASA, lets just say the tax money is for NASA and everyone will be happy.

    1. Carolyn - Nasa was basically gutted by Obummer. They have nothing else to do these days but kiss Femocrat regime ass and hope they are left partially funded.

  3. We surrendered the stars and now all we have is the dust. If we are not going to explore space, apparently we are giving too much money to them. Privatize space exploration now.

    1. TB - I am sure that is what it will ultimately come to if we even have an economy that can support it. We may be earth bound a long time though.

  4. NASA is now studying inter space? Sorry that's the best reply I could come up with at 400 am.

    1. Rob - Their mission is minority outreach these days.


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