Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mid-Week Update

Believe it or not it has warmed up enough and I have even managed to get a few things started once again so that I can do a Small-Hold update post. It actually got much warmer today than predicted at one point climbing into the 50's even. Had I known it was going to do that I would have started working much earlier.

The last arctic blast we got over the weekend managed to somehow freeze the water line going to the barn. I still have no clue exactly where or how since the rest of the water lines were fine but that particular line cannot be set to drip or anything (something I need to rectify) so it is more vulnerable. The high winds we got also seem to find little cracks and such I have over looked. This last cold front was not as low as a few of the others have been but the winds were worse and rivaled the first one back in January dipping us down into the negative 20's.

So yesterday I went around trying to figure out where the water line was frozen and I guess I finally found the magic spot and directed a heat lamb properly because the water began flowing yesterday afternoon once again. That was a relief because the only other option was going to be running a hose out of the basement all the way to the barn.

There were some bees out flying today and even a very few with full pollen sacks. Not sure what is pollinating right now although there are several tree species that could be. At least I know for a fact the two garden hives are still alive and kicking. I didn't make it down to the other hives for a check yet but they are generally more protected from the wind than the Garden Hives so they should be alive as well.

We also started seedlings this weekend. Almost a month later than I normally start them and the hibernating cats quickly started trying to lay on the little pots. A few squirts from the water bottle and I believe we have nipped that habit in the bud so to speak, as they now seem content to just lay next to them. I only planted the tomato and pepper seeds so far, most of the rest I will sow directly once we are past the frost date.

We are slowly getting back to work and the long range forecast looks promising temperature-wise. Still we got almost 12 inches of snow in late March last year right after we brought all the sheep in for shearing and lambing confinement. Best to keep that in mind.

The ewes will start getting moved tomorrow and the slaughter lambs go to the processor next week so things should start getting more busy now. I am also so far behind on bee hive construction I had better get moving on that soon as well or there won't be much hive growth this year.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Where did that girl find flowers, the only thing I have seen is a few dandylions hugging the ground. We are supposed to get snow coming from the gulf on friday. About 2 weeks until spring, but that doesn't mean a whole lot I guess.

    1. Sf - My guess would be that she is was carrying Maple or Ash tree pollen. I still believe my bees gain more from trees than any other source.

      They are saying snow showers around here tonight maybe but it doen't look to me like it's going to pan out.

  2. Good thing the pipe didn't break.

    1. Harry - Ya. I had shut the water off to that pipe anyway but I can't drain it completely which is why it froze I think.

  3. Place orange peels around your seedlings, cats can't stand them.


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