Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Goal is Easy, Getting There is the Complex Part

If the semi-long term forecast is any indication we are going to start warming up and as this snow melts I am going to be limited in how much work I can do out in the fields and woods. So once again it is time to turn my attention towards Spring.

There are many questions yet to be answered. I still have no idea how many of my hives (if any) have survived and with a high today of only the upper teens I am not going to risk doing further damage by popping any tops to take a look. I am so far behind in Winter prep-work like fence line clearing, woodchip spreading, etc. etc. at this point I doubt I make much headway in opening up any new areas this year but at least I can make sure all my seeds are ready to go.

I started off removing my bean seeds from their pods this morning and the little cat wasted no time in once again embarking on one of his favorite games. Stealing my bean pods. I finally locked him up in kitty jail and he wasn't too happy about that to say the least. The wife ordered this huge cat playground thing. I told her I could build one but she wanted one sooner than my estimate. This is important because the cats have taken over the seedling shelf/counter area so we need to relocate them. As things begin to warm up the felines will once again discover the great outdoors and not be so picky about their beds being in a direct heat flow area. I hope.

I came across this little article today that had some good resource links even if it was a bit short on actual information.

Come on Home:Ecological Agriculture.... Point the Way

I know I wasn't the first to start preaching small farm agriculture as the way of the future but I was a pretty early proponent of it and started towards my goal earlier than most. It's been a long road so far with slow progress and many setbacks but I still believe it is ultimately the only goal we have.

The article certainly doesn't contradict that theory but like most well known proponents of small scale agriculture the article completely misses the most dangerous part of what is to come. We need knowledge, and we need people moving forward and building these small farms already of course but long before these endeavors become the norm we are going to have to fight for them. Way too many knowledgeable and motivated people out there seem to think we live in a bubble and the world is simply going to leave them alone to scratch their dreams out of the ground.

I would think all the news articles and instances of EPA or IRS regulatory over reach from farmers market taxes to milk raids would be enough to open a few eyes but so far there seems to be a big disconnect there. I have seen it play out many times over the years. Many a green oriented homesteader begins the small farm quest while simultaneously waving the liberal flag until they run solidly into the brick wall of regulation and government social engineering. It amazes me how many of them still refuse to see the trees and continue to keep the faith after it has destroyed their dreams but such is the modern religion of Liberalism.

It seems to me the toughest aspect of moving forward towards small scale sustainable farms, permaculture or what-have-you these days is staying under the radar and managing to keep enough resources to continue. As every government entity continues to grab for every dime they can to pay off their debts this is going to become harder and harder. Property owners are the first one's who are going to be robbed because you cannot hide your land.  Regulations with fees attached as well will continually hamper innovation and growth especially those that do not follow current accepted practices or materials.

You all know the obstacles in our way. Eventually we are going to have to fight for our dreams I imagine as although we can grow them somewhat now the political ground is not amended enough to allow us the freedom we need to attain our final goal.

In the end this is a war of attrition and it's going to come down to who can out last the other. The Federal juggernaut with it's dwindling supply of cheap energy and debt laden finances or the Small-Holders and their sustainability.  

I am betting on the Small-Holders but I know their will be casualties along the way.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I reckon a fight is a coming because too many people are spoiling for it, if for no other reason. I also figure the worst fighting will be in the cities. This might not be immediately obvious. However, the modern battlefield is lethal as hell. To be spotted is to die quickly.
    A suit or business casual is much simpler camouflage than worrying about visual, thermal, patterns, and time sequence. Camo patterns that are designed to fool humans, are quite recognizable to computers; might as well be wearing safety orange. Also, predators scan the area repeatedly over long time spans. Then changes are given extra scrutiny.
    While there is the forest canopy, unlike most of the middle east, the technical capabilities have grown too. Basically against a competent enemy anyone doing careless s***, snipers perched on buildings and exposed, will have a life expectancy measured in moments.
    On the other hand I imagine electronic warfare will take everyone by surprise. Just google maker center and hacker Center then look what's going on there nobody's going to be ready for that.


    1. Dan - All good points. Personally I am shooting for a combination or more rural pattern of your business suit idea. At least until they cannot run those all seeing computers anymore :)

  2. I wonder as well, Preppy. Will the government collapse under its own weight of debt and regulations before it overwhelm bastions of independent life and thought? I guess the only comfort I have - and it is a cold one- is that once things fall apart, I suspect they will do so fairly quickly leaving the juggernaut with a few core areas and not much else.

    1. TB - It will collapse. The question is can we outlast it?

  3. I suspect that the government will own the cities like in vietnam, Uncle Sam will meet Uncle Charlie. Eventually the government supplies will fail, all the batteries will wear out.
    A lot of food can be raised on a few acres, of course it would be useless to people trained to rip open a box and throw the food in a microwave.

    1. Sf - Yep. But I think they are bound and determined to relocate as many of us as possible to the cities before the gloves come off.

  4. Another stop and think posting, as are the replies. The major cities will become the battle ground. How long can anyone survive in NYC, Atlanta, Miami, L.A., San Fransisco & Chicago.....


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