Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Great Freeze

So far so good. Only a couple of new problems have developed with this latest blow. Of course it isn't even half over yet according to the forecast so there is plenty of time for things to breakdown.

One of the tank heaters in the yearling sheep paddock couldn't keep up so I had to switch it out with a new floating one. That may not sound like much of a chore until you are doing it in single digit temps, 35 mph winds and blowing snow. Not to mention about 18 sheep wanting to help. Those little plastic covers for the cord plug ins don't want to work real well in the snapping closed department right now.

The donkey that is old enough that I swear it carried a certain earthly mother of divinity to a stable once a couple thousand years ago under a bright star is now safely tucked away in the barn along with my mother's riding horse. The other nags are huddled in the loafing shed. Most of the other assorted critters are once again in the house except for one barn cat and the family of strays that refuse to be domesticated (unless it is feeding time). These cats are the newest drop offs and are not brave enough to have become entitled to warm housing yet.

About 8AM cabin fever set in with the entire crowd and critters were running around everywhere attacking each other, playing and generally knocking stuff down everywhere they went.

This has proven to be a very dry snow. There are drifts up past my knees in the leeward side of things but many areas that are completely clear as well. I want to say we have gotten about 5 inches or so already and the temp is now showing 8 degrees. The tarps are proving useless as this snow is acting more like a sand storm and blowing under everything so it is collecting up under the tarps. At least it brushes off easily though.

Looks like my day and night is set in snow at this point. Every few hours I get up put on the snow gear and make the rounds to assure everything is working properly and putting more wood in the furnace. My favorite game now is when I come back inside to chase the Mrs. around with the icicles hanging off my beard and try and kiss her.

Ya she is impressed let me tell ya :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. All of your supervisors are inside it might be called an executive board room of sorts. I just asked the wife if we can play the icicle in the beard chase game and she said NO accompanied with the "look" that by it's self says NO!
    Maybe she was just kidding, I will try the game if it gets that bad here.
    Sounds like you are well prepared, good job!

  2. PP,

    Good thing you noticed the problem with the tanker heater and got it resolved. This weather (or cold) is down right brutal when you add the wind in.
    Stay warm and safe!!!!

  3. And being outside in those temps cant be doing anything good for your cough and cold. Hope you are feeling better.. You should make a sign for your door that says "no room in the Inn" lol

  4. You do seem to be having an Alaskan adventure down there; meanwhile, it's 33 here & freezing rain.

    Getting anxious for the kinks in the jetstream to straighten out again, I think.

  5. I did venture out today to pick up some food. Cold? yes, I'm I stupid?? Yes. I feel sorry for the men and women who work at the airports fueling, planes, tossing bags, and catering flights. Do I miss it?? Yes!! the Cold....NO!! lol

    Toss a few logs on the fire my friend and drink a cup of something hot. Hang in there pal.

  6. Stay warm Preppy! We have tropical 47 weather (39 F with the wind) and I feel cold.

  7. Preppy...your weather sounds miserable. After being near 70 today and getting a little work done we are dropping back to below freezing for the next 2 days. Tuesday we will not get out of the 30's. I am thankful we don't have the snow to contend with although all the kids would love it.

    On freezing nights Papa Bear combs the area to make sure things are not freezing. We have had two lines to burst last week.


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