Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Day After

We are officially above the zero degree mark once again. In fact it is now a balmy 1 here and as soon as this light cloud cover moves another few feet out of the way we are suppose to start warming up quick during the late morning to afternoon period.

Getting the feeding and other early morning chores out of the way was much less unpleasant this morning than the last few days to say the least.

I can say I finally found the limits on the old Ford 8N. She just wouldn't start yesterday when the temp was so low. She tried hard to come to life but just couldn't get it going. By the time I gave up trying I was actually glad she hadn't sputtered to life I don't think I would have survived the time it would have taken to get everything bladed.

At this point I am going to let it warm up a bit more and then start digging and thawing stuff out. Suppose to maybe hit the 50's by Saturday so looks like we have a bit of a break coming. I figure I used close to two weeks of firewood the last three days and emptied two full ten gallon trash cans of ashes already. Over a cord of wood was stuffed into that wood stove in less than three days time.

Once the temps get back up to around 20 or so I am going to go try the old Ford again and get the snow drifts removed and free the Mrs. car from it's frozen tomb.

Maybe life can get back to normal for a while now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Glad to hear you're warming up a bit. Good luck with the clean-up!

  2. I think that they used a Ferguson which the 8N is based on to go to the south pole back in the 50s. They put tracks on it and must have modified it some how to start in the cold as they have the similar carb on them like a model A ford. Old but simple technology. Probably preheated everything. It would be hard to do much in your weather anyway.

  3. PP,

    We can only hope things get back to normal, and temperatures warm up. This afternoon it actually peaked to 40 degrees. I hear more bad weather coming our way before the weekend.

  4. It was a little better here today, still no water and the sewer line is now frozen. Still waiting for a return call from park on a heater to thaw the pipes.

  5. Will the 50s will almost seem hot if its not raining, will that put you in a tee-shirt?


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