Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Reading - I was Wrong There is a Galt's Gulch

Last time I looked the temp was being reported as 65 degrees today. The warm sun and relatively high and dry wind is drying things out rather quickly so I have hopes to get out and cut some of my felled trees up some more by Tuesday.

The official casualty count is just one for the bee hives. The other 10 hives appear to be quite strong and going good. They sure were hitting the emergency sugar feed I had on the hives for them but only the North Apiary is actually getting sugar syrup from the hummingbird feeder as yet. I don't know why the Garden hives aren't hitting their feeder, they sure didn't have an issue hitting it all Summer when the hummingbirds were trying to eat.

I did a cursory inspection of the dead hive and it looks like they actually starved to death. I took some pictures and will make a post about what I found tomorrow once I download them from the camera and make sure they came out. The more I looked the more disappointed I was because those girls tried their best to survive they just couldn't contend with the low stores, small size and the sub-zero arctic blast. They only had maybe five frames of comb drawn out and I should have tried to condense their area down but I was limited by the frame sizes I had available to give them some capped honey for Winter.

While browsing the news articles and such this morning it finally dawned on me that I had in fact been wrong. There really is a Galt's Gulch and it's the entire US of A.

With a downward trend like that this country has some serious issues brewing. Speaking of issues did you hear the most recent Obummer move in his race war against Rural and small town Americans? Promise zones. What is that all about? Mandatory less taxation in "special" areas? Talk about disparate impact huh.

This just keeps getting better and better.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. You have really taken care of those bees, I suspect if you hadn't worked in the extra feeding that you would have lost many more. As it is you probably lost a weak group anyway.

  2. I'm glad to hear how well your bees are doing. It's stressful, hard work sometimes, and your reports are encouraging.

  3. Sorry to hear about the girls. Life is a survival game. Heard about the lame ducks latest, but my needs have come first this week. Also the Gov. Christie bridge thing shows the Liberals are digging for anything to keep the Gray House in 16.

  4. Well...I'm disappointed you didn't have directions to this wonderful place! long can they blow smoke up ...well you know where and expect everyone to believe it.


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