Friday, January 3, 2014

Still Not Up to Snuff

This cold is kicking my butt. I can't even think straight t be honest. I feel OK as long as I am up moving around but the minute I sit down in front of the computer my eyes feel hot and itchy and I begin feeling very sleepy and cannot think straight. It's like everything is in a fog. I cannot even put words together to do a post.

Got down to -2 here last night, warmed up slightly today but suppose to drop back down with more snow and ice tomorrow night and they are saying a low of -11 now for Sunday.

So far no frozen pipes or power outages and we haven't run out of wood either. The coldest worst Winter in my recent memory and I haven't even turned on the propane furnace once.

But try as I might I can't keep the lower level floor warm enough and our feet get cold. I need to just direct some of the wood furnace heat down there but can't figure out an easy way of doing it.

I guess in the scheme of things that's a very minor problem all things being equal.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Yet again you have it worse than we do. It was cold and windy today and got up into the 20s but I think I saw the low at 16 at sunrise. When I am out with the animals, my feet get so cold that they kind of get cramps but it goes away when I get them warm. Our cold night will be monday. At least you aren't stuck on a boat frozen in the ice with a bunch of pissed off global warming advocates.

  2. Hang in there I know that's of no use but I needed to say something .Stay warm Spring is coming maybe brrrr.

  3. Our family started getting the creeping crud right before Thanksgiving and one by one fell like dominoes. Papa Bear even had two rounds of antibiotics. I thought I escaped it but it hit me just before Christmas. I feel OK during the day but around 3 in the afternoon I am finished and can't keep my eyes open. Of course the cough does not allow one to sleep long.

  4. I was wondering if you were alright since you haven't posted in a while. Rest, lots of fluids, and Vitamin C does me wonders.

  5. I sympathize with feeling sick. This bitter cold is making a lot of people susceptible to virus style maladies. I envy you your zero propane balance. I think I have used in the neighborhood of 50 gallons in the past two weeks. But I can't turn the heater off even during the day at these temps. I admit I am glad I can use the heater without having to restock it with fuel. Last winter I tried to mainly use my wood burning stove. That winter was much milder than this, and I still felt like I was always going out into the blizzard to get wood. I may be to the point where wood will just be a backup now, though it has been my primary heat source for many years prior to this.


    I have had the crud since Christmas, and it turned into Bronchitis. We came back from the estate early so I could get in to my Dr. Finally feeling better and surfing around the blogs this morning....
    Yes this crud totally sucks....

    -2 wow! what a hot spell..whip out the

  7. Check your temperature. This "cold" easily turns into pneumonia says our Doc that I finally saw after a week with no improvement and a rising temp. I'm into my 10th day and finally feeling human again. Take care! Julia

  8. PP,

    Be careful my friend we don't want you getting worse. Everyone around us, including our house has had something going on with being sick. The H1N1 virus is getting bad through this part of the country.
    Temperatures are on the wild side the next several days. Stay warm, safe, and get well.

  9. It be nice to just stay in bed under lots of covers, but unfortunately that isn't always an option.


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