Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Multi-Cult Money Grab - A bit too Far

One of the simple pleasures in dealing with Femocrat/Liberal/Multi-Culters is kinda like arguing with trouble makers. If you just sit back long enough eventually they get themselves into a scrap they can't handle.

For over half a century now the conglomerate of the left has been pillaging White America and doing so by spreading their White guilt as they go. One reason this has been so successful has been the inherent empathy we possess. In so many ways we are able to place ourselves in the shoes of the fantasy victim and if we don't agree to being looted than obviously we are evil child haters and Klan members. If one of their allied groups commits a heinous act the conglomerate simply closes ranks and points fingers at some (usually) made up Western or Christian atrocity. Nine time out of ten they pull some fabricated number and ignore the facts but that has always been their game plan.

While an allied group such as we face is strong as long as they continue to support each other it is inevitable that eventually these groups will begin to turn on each other, usually as soon as the money begins running out. Yet I believe we are seeing another curious side effect cropping up in the form of this Duck Dynasty gay incident.

The Left has simply gone too far in their recruiting and welcomed allies that ultimately work against them. No matter how much the individual gay lobby wishes their lies to be true they can't seem to defeat mother nature. Bless her heart. No matter how many metro-sexual models they glamorize, no matter how their propaganda of love one another resonates with the younger crowd they cannot break the barrier of revulsion younger men have towards gay sex.

The left would like to of course. All the extra money that can be collected for their side with the false narrative of making life equal for such a small segment of the population would send any government bureaucrat salivating.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to see more government employees in the equality for gays sector than there are actual gays.

My thinking is no matter how they try to explain themselves or justify their reaction of protest to this firing what we are really seeing is the Left Conglomerate pushing too far.

Once that ball begins rolling backwards it will grow and we may see some real change take effect.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. You make a good point. One of the leftists' talking points is that some 10% of people are gay. The real figure is closer to 1 or 2 percent. So again the question is, why are these people pushing so hard for "equality" for a tiny percentage of the population? You have to ask, who benefits?

  2. The lefties always go too far imo. This time it seems they managed to upset a lot people. It's the give'em enough rope thing.

    I think the whole gay agenda is about lowering the age of consent laws. TPTB are a bunch of pedos.

    The gay plan:Tolerance. Acceptance. Approval.


  3. Jeff you may be on to something there. Here in the UK in the 80's there was an organisation called PIE, paedophile information exchange. Amongst is many demands was the lowering of the age of consent to 4. It was supported by trendy lefties even gaining affilate status with some labour run organisations. Some if its main supporters now infest the upper echelons of the Labour party. Undoubtedly a through investigation of your politicians would be equally a enlightening.
    I believe A&E have bitten off more than they can chew here and givenhow central their faith is to their family I would be not surprised if the whole family walk.
    If you have any shares in A&E now might be a very good time to sell, cos they're going to tank!

  4. I have a hard time rationalizing how the left thinks. A magazine reporter asks Phil what he thinks about gays, and he tells the reporter an honest answer. They get upset because it's not what they want to hear. Perhaps straight people should boycott LGTB businesses, since they are so intolerate of other viewpoints.

  5. Punishing someone for being honest about their religious beliefs , to placate another group with another set of beliefs, is fascism. Suppression of free speech as is happening here is fascism. I tried to call A&E today repeatedly, but either they have their lines off the hook or they are getting a lot of calls.

  6. This is another good stop and think post and replies. I have found it easier to not rock the boat on many issues like the Gay Issue. It is wrong but its better to stick your head in the sand the to fight for what you believe for. For that reason I'm sorry.

    From my point of view the Gay Way is blown way out of proportion. Way too many are jumping on the Gay Bandwagon claiming they are gay to be accepted.


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