Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Farrakhan the Farmer?

Filed under the "You can't make this up" department. Ag money for Farrakhan? I don't usually do this too often but here is the link for the story over at Gateway Pundit.

Nation of Islam Leader in Hyde Park receives Farm Subsidies

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) shows the organization as located at the residence of The Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan. As the top recipient of farm subsidies in the Hyde Park neighborhood, it ranked twelfth amongst all Chicago recipients. The Illinois Secretary of State website has the entity’s status as “Not Good Standing,” clink here. Through the website muhammadfarms.com, the organization is still accepting donations.

When I think of all the times I have seen the Femocrat Lefties screaming about Ag money going out to farmers in the form of subsidies.

Yet in true hypocritical fashion I am sure this is all just fine and well and right in their world.

We won't even mention the Pigford fiasco.

Of course as I have said before I am not a supporter of any type of Ag subsidies. Let the masses pay full price for their food. Crop insurance is up to the individual or those who have financial stake in the endeavor.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Pork barrel politics(or maybe not at mohammed farms lol) pure and simple. How to slip funding to your lefty mates without being noticed! The only surprise is that Acorn isn't listed as a recipient as well.
    As for Ag subsidies NZ did away with most years ago yet have a very healthy farming industry.
    We had never even applied for any of the plethora of ag payments available in the UK and EU. Consequently we have never been tied into the latest 'scientific' method of farming. We still farm organically using new methods when WE find them beneficial(such as keyline ploughing). Funnily enough we still make a decent profit as well!

    1. Anon - You are way ahead of the game I believe. Too many get sucked into the subsidy trap and will pay for it when it all goes down.

      Good for you!!!

  2. Monoculture subsidised farming has trashed the soil all over the world if NPK fertiliser ever becomes scarce the famine will make an economic crash look like a tea party. Even a serious hike in price due to increased costs can seriously disrupt production and spiralling food prices.
    My grandfather, a long time acquaintance of the late John Seymour, stayed the course on organic mixed farming and insisted my father do the same. Now the NFU and such regard us as cutting edge!
    I envy you your bees I must say, we have tried several times but CCD has hit us hard, though we have had some success siting them in more heavily wooded areas for some strangereason.

    1. Anon - Good for you staying the course that is where cutting edge agriculture is going to go back to. It already is!!!

      Actually my bees around here get more of their nectar from trees I think than anything else. Certainly the GMO beans around here do not attract them much but when the maples or locust hit you can hear them filling the limbs.

  3. I am trying to get the image out of my mind right now of Farrakhan the farmer in overalls and holding a pitchfork..... I would love to see an Artists rendering of that..


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