Monday, December 9, 2013

The Great Pumpkin Plan and Jail Beans

It decided to get uncomfortably cold here again today at the Small-Hold. Temps barely made it out of the teens and the wind is slightly stronger than it needs to be along with the snow just making your feet cold if you stay out too long.

I decided it was a good day to try and finish up my seed sorting and bean podding. The above picture is all the pumpkin seeds I have saved. I have no clue how many of them there are total in that shoe box, but it looks pretty impressive when your holding it. The bottom layer is about 3 inches deep and the other small cigar box contains some seeds from a green pumpkin variety I am going to plant as well. I also plan to order some different seeds later this month when the Mrs. and I do our yearly seed buying.

Currently I have about 4 acres picked out to plant pumpkins in next season. I had a pretty high demand for them this last year and a couple of people dropping by who were interested in purchasing larger quantities for various endeavors. There was also a couple that used to sell some in volume that tried really hard into talking me into planting a bunch. I see no reason not to give it a shot even if it doesn't pan out I can always feed em to the sheep.

I made a little headway into finishing up the bean de-podding. I am almost done with the first five gallon bucket and ready to start on the second but that damned cat heard me opening the pods and was on the scene faster than a BATF agent sneaking into a gun show. He once again stole all the pods he could get to, some right out of my hand and tipped over the empty pod bin as well. I finally got tired of the whole affair and tried to put the containers up but he followed me around and kept figuring out how to get into them. He finally fell asleep in the empty pod bin until he tipped it over AGAIN. At last I figured out how to keep him out of the bean containers.

I ended up putting the beans and containers into the kitty jail. It drove that little bugger crazy for half an hour trying to figure out how to get a bean pod out of that cage.

Hopefully the little terror will go to sleep soon and I can finish up the last few pods remaining in the bucket. I am hoping to make ham and beans tomorrow.

Other than that just been a long day of trying to get the house warmed up. I have barely managed to get it into the upper 60's today.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I made a dig box for my ferrets out of beans, they really liked it. But Midori the cat climbed in there and used it for a potty box. So that didn't pan out.

    1. LOL I would guess it wouldn't or well maybe it did turn into a pan of some sort. Ya I been afraid the cat might try something like that in the bowl of beans but he is mostly just interested in the empty pods. He likes to eventually curl up in them and sleep.

  2. PP,

    Maybe the cat is an agent??

    Why not place the cat in the cage while you work with your beans?

  3. Sandy - Well I don't put the cat in jail because then we all have to listen to him. From the constant noise he makes when put in there you would think someone is torturing him with hot pokers.


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