Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Less and Less

The heat is still going full force today although I don't think it quite made it to 100 degrees. A few hours of any real work was all I could manage before it drove me back inside but I was out long enough to notice some real changes coming about.

The amount of bugs are actually declining daily now. I assume many like the cicadas and others have reached their maturity cycle and done their damage. It looks as if I have finally managed to really turn the odds against the late horn worm cycle. I also set several half rotted pumpkins out along the garden edge and have been making frequent trips out using them as traps/bait. Each trip is netting literally 100's of squash bugs covering them and I then roll the pumpkins over crushing the bugs and then stomping on the runners. I have managed to really put a dent in the survivor population numbers this way.

Each day is also seeing a noticeable reduction in the hummingbird population and the numbers of honey bees hitting the now less used feeders as well. In fact today I saw the first honey bee actually hitting the goldenrod flowers so the Fall flow looks to be finally getting underway. I hope to be able to feed the new hives until at least the end of October but I cannot totally count on that.

It is now time to make sure you have everything ready for Winter. I know it seems really odd to be saying that as I hide from the sun and high temps but it's pretty obvious everything else around is gearing up for this last big push before the lean times begin. Even the trees seem to have less leaves every time I go out and look.

I hope to enjoy these lazy late Summer days while I can. Truth be told once this slow grinding decline gets going any further days like this will be spent in frantic work gathering all we need for Winter.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Sounds a lot like here, the fall flowers are in bloom and things feel different.

  2. We know fall is nearby, the farmers are harvesting corn. We are getting cooler temps by this weekend. Winter is coming faster then most folks realize.

  3. It is a slow grinding decline isn't it? If it is slow, I think we can reverse it. Whites can still reverse it.

    The slow grind gives us time to prepare.

    White Mom in VA

  4. I've noticed NO lightning bugs for a long time. It used to be I couldn't walk barefoot without stepping on a honey bee. They're gone too. I saw three bats tonight and felt like cheering. What is happening?

  5. Your hummingbirds have arrived here in south Texas!

  6. We have large swathes of yellow leaves on the northern birch trees, and brown leaves dot the ground. While our temps remain some 6 to 8 degrees warmer than normal, and our rainfall is above average, the overnight lows keep dipping into the 40s, and the average 1st snowfall is only about 7 weeks away.

  7. PP,

    As I dropped my husband off at work today, we both noticed large trees on the route dropping most of there leaves. A true sign winter is just around the corner.


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