Thursday, September 12, 2013


As some of you may know and others may not I searched high and low for well over a year for the perfect post collapse work truck. Finally late in 2011 I found what I had been looking for.

An older F-150, with a straight six and four wheel drive.

Now the debate about the perfect post collapse work truck is almost as bad as the perfect post collapse battle rifle but I had my reasons for going with this particular truck. For one thing it is the most common truck in America (or was who knows stuff changes), it also has the most common engine which most everyone who deals with em says they never break down but even though the straight 6 is no longer in production there are literally thousands and thousands of them in use today. On top of the "in use" numbers is also how many of them were put into other varieties of work vehicles that are typically maintained for decades like small dump trucks and such. It also had manual lock out hubs which was another very important feature to look for.

Why the guys who have been bringing me wood chips have trucks with the same engine and tranny in them.

So there is a good bet that replacement parts will be around for the rest of my life even if the collapse keeps grinding along and if we really go into a crazy fast collapse then parts should be much easier to scavenge for.

That was the plan anyway.

Of course this year as I saved all I could to buy a brush hog and post hole attachment for the tractor each time I was ready to buy something went wrong with the truck.

Last time was the transmission going out that took months to get fixed now this time both motors on the windows went bad. Once again there goes my tractor attachments.

Oh well I really wanted a truck without power windows but that just wasn't in the cards. I can't think of anything else that should go wrong with the thing now and even though I have shelled out over a grand on it this Summer it is still much cheaper than buying new.  And much better in a collapse situation.

But in my driveway now sits my brush hog and post hole digger for this year I guess.

As a side note I am also scheduled to attempt some computer repairs/upgrades at my brother's house tonight. If things go well I should be back tomorrow with little interruption but who knows, I may run into even more problems and be offline for a day or so. Sadly my computer hardware knowledge is now way to old and obsolete to build em and upgrade them without help like I used to.

Until later.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I believe it was John Lennon who once said, "Life is what happens while you're making other plans."

  2. Good luck tonight with the computer.

  3. Look into puppy linux precise 5.7, I put it on a dell and did nothing, it found all drivers and went online, it was way easier than xp.
    It won't run MS products but for safe online use, free can't be beat.

    1. SF, did it come with Firefox on it or another well known browser?

    2. It had the other one but first you update the software and then it will let you download firefox. If you don't update the package first it errors as you don't have the dependent packages, in other words you have to be current. I ran out of cd tray then installed to hard drive. They streamlined a lot of things as not having to set up grub.

  4. I have had alot on my mind lately. I have been processing the chaos that is unfolding in our society and I have done a complete paradigm shift in my thinking. This whole time I was thinking that America was a capitalist country and that we were slipping into Communism. I have come to the realization the last few weeks that really Communism & Capitalism are the same thing. Oligarchical elite with money that are few in number and the rest are serfs. America was a hybrid. Communism was/is here but Americans were/ are different people. The people who put the Communist regime in play had to present it to us differently because Americans just do not respect authority- we question it every step of the way. So the powers that be had to paint the turd gold and call it capitalism

    Communism cloaked as Capitalism had its apex with the Civil Rights aka Snivel Rights Movement. Since then, it has ridden the crest of the wave and now it is crashing. The groid violence is a reaction to the fact that the gibs are running out.

    There is no global economy. Just droves of poor turd worlders coming to Amurkistan to chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that does not exist.

    So here the last little while I have been thinking that America was going communist, when in fact, it is unraveling.

    The word chaos comes the Greek word meaning 'choice'. It is ironic that as the globalist try to clamp down on us, they are actually giving white people across the world the resolve to make choices.

    Should we stay or should we go? Do we remain loyal to America or do we say forget it? Do we move to the cities or move to the country?

    This is a really scary time yet at the same time push is coming to shove. I believe that the globalist plans are blowing up in their faces. We just have to make sure that after the explosion / implosion, that we are kind to our kind because everyone else will be against us.

  5. There's always something. Only the dead have seen the end of woe... and vehicle repairs.


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