Monday, September 2, 2013

A Very Laborish Day

Well all the chain saws are completely cleaned up, air filters blown out and chains sharpened. The cement mixer project is finished so I can cross another one off my list. I finally figured out how to get some wheels mounted on the frame that were sturdy enough to run it over rough ground and roll fairly easily yet not too tall to make the whole thing impossible to use.

Actually the wheels were the easier part. After finally finding a set that were on clearance I had to manufacture some type of removable handle apparatus. The whole thing turned out better than I expected and I wheeled it into the barn just as the guy was showing up to give us a bid on the septic system for the new house.

The news was not good on that front as I figured it wouldn't be but more on that later.

The first of the long ripening tomatoes are finally coming in and we got to partake of one of our favorites this evening in the form of the giant Brandywine Pinks. A smoked leg of lamb with some of the frozen corn I saved earlier this year and it was the perfect Small-Hold produced dinner once again.

We are getting this 100% food security thing down more and more with every season. By next year I predict we might be up to producing over 25% of our own food right on the place. It's a much larger and more complicated project than you might think especially when you take into it the fact that we don't grow our own grain for the sheep. We produce all our own hay but branching out into grain production is going to be a major leap.

Anyway Happy Labor Day one and all. I just came in to put up a quick post before going back out and putting all the tools away that I used today.

Looks like my next project is cleaning out another section of the barn so I have room to store more equipment inside this Winter.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I am experimenting with a small patch of various grains for the chickens eventually if I figure what will grow here. My saws need cleaning but I won't start cutting for awhile yet. I have some old cross cut saws that I am learning to sharpen, they may come in handy one day, one was used here on the farm before chain saw days. I couldn't tell it was a holiday here, the days look alike.

    1. SF - I have a couple of smaller cross cut saws. A few years ago I hauled an entire load of wood using no fuel whatsoever. OK except for the tractor pulling a wagon to simulate a horse drawn one. It took a very long time but I wanted to see if it is possible.

      One thing is for certain if we have to do all of it by hand we will be going after alot of smaller trees.

  2. Now is the time to switch gears from summer and growing to fall harvesting, wood cutting and getting ready for old man winter.

    1. Rob - Yes it is. The Bers are here and I want to get as much of a jump on a wood supply as possible.

  3. PP,

    My tomatoes are now just changing color from green to light red. I'm happy to hear you were able to enjoy some of your tomatoes :P


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