Thursday, August 1, 2013

And the Hits Keep Comin

The big news around the Central Missouri area today was the surprise announcement by the fourth largest area employer that they are closing their plant down in the State Capitol.

RR Donnelly announced that their Jefferson City facility would be closing effective October 1, 2013 and it would be a permanent closure. They announced the loss of some 500 jobs but that number does not include the hundreds they have shed since 2009 either.

They do have another plant down the road a bit which I believe is what brings them up into the top ten list of area employers, not sure if they will retain that title once the announced facility is closed. Interestingly enough the number one area employer is of course state government.

We are still in slow slide and decline country folks. No two ways about it the decline refuses to go fast by human standards  but only wants to creep along claiming families here and there that must live in poverty while those who were lucky continue to at least appear prosperous.

If you ask me that is the worst type of collapse scenario we can endure.

Of course the unemployment rate will continue to drop and the media will continue to proclaim a recovery.

The psychological damage alone done by such false reporting should be criminal. Thousands who cannot find jobs while the false recovery is proclaimed loudly leaving these people to only assume it is a personal fault of their own they are not employed. Families split apart, suicides and loss of hope.

A quick collapse at least brings a feeling of focus and a sense that everyone is in the same boat. Not so a slow grinding economic slide that claims victims one by one while leaving others untouched. For a while.

Just maybe however this is a sign that the false numbers and facade are cracking. Maybe the next step down is finally showing no matter how much they spin the numbers. It took Detroit years to finally admit things were bad why should any other place not dot he same?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. We as a nation are like a ship that is slowly sinking. Sooner or later the water will wash over the deck, then and only then will folks wake up and panic.

    1. Rob - the only problem I see is that so many of the passengers are so far up on the top decks and ultimately causing the problems that those of us below will be swimming long before they even care.

  2. So true. PP woke me up to many things and I'm greatful to you PP. I'm still behind times but I feel I've taken steps in the right direction. An example is... obummer is a stooge and does not care about us. Because of him people suffer such as those in Jeff city as well as around the country and it's covered up and blamed on other things. We used to have a pretty good economy but that went to hell a few President's ago. What I want to say would probably land me in jail but takeover is pretty vague..I think. If I'm not around for awhile guess I'll be sitting in the pokey running a cup along the bars.

    1. eileen - The job situation around here is going to be a black hole for years now. They had 500 full time employees but I friend of mine informed me this afternoon that he and about 200 others had been working there as temps for the last three months. The total unemployed in the area because of this is gonna jump by at least 700 or more once things work their way out.

      I think the real economy is going to be felt here hard very soon.

  3. I'm afraid your right. That could mean the crime will be even worse and people will leave because they just can't make a living here. I feel bad for all those people I don't know due to the fear many of them will face and so many unknowns.


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