Monday, July 29, 2013

Plows, Sheep and Cats

I finally found a good and cheap one bottom plow for the 8N tractor. Good in so far as it was cheap (as I said)  which means it was free. Now I have to begin getting it cleaned up and useable. It has all the attachments for the three point hook up and the disc wheel still spins on it but the side to side bearing is froze up. We will just have to see if I can get it all apart or not and if the actual plow blade isn't too pitted.

Aside from running in and getting the plow loaded up in my truck I also extended out the fenced in area for one of the rams today. The old wooden fence is falling apart and I need to tear it out completely but it is filled with rotted wood and weeds to the point I can't see to clear. Time to let the sheep into it. They are some serious brush clearing machines let me tell you. Within a week they will have that little area eaten down to dirt and all the little weed trees killed then I just limit them back to their original paddock and go to work. I said they because each ram has his official bitch with him in the form of a wether so they don't get lonely I guess.

The other ram/wether team has completely cleared out the opposite side of the barn so at some point they need to be moved back down to their other paddock. No hurry really as I don't have the money to gravel and roof in that particular area yet anyway but it's on the list.

Believe it or not these two topics are connected because once I get all the area cleared out around the barn that is where I plan on building the roof and putting the gravel to keep all the small tractor farm equipment. My eventual goal is to be able to do all the farm work with the 8N and that means investing in much smaller attachments than I have available to me right now. It may not be completely possible to ever find all the attachments I want but so far it has kinda been fun trying. I had a post hole digger attachment lined up but the funds for that got diverted to the truck transmission.

So with the morning and early afternoon used up it was time to take "THE QUEEN" into the vet. The poor little thing has been suffering from a urinary tract infection all weekend and has not been shy about letting me know about it either. Usually she just supervises all my activities but since Friday night she has been constantly getting in the way so I knew she was in pain and discomfort. We got her in as soon as possible but she wasn't happy about any part of the entire operation and let me know about that as well all the way home.

On the way home the rain started as well and effectively put an end to the days work and activities.

It was a good afternoon for a nap.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. PP,

    Great find on the plow, I hope you get it working. When you need a part and you find it free or it costs you very little, I say go for it. Why pay brand new prices on items? Unless of course you have no alternative.

    Hey can I borrow your sheep? With all this rain we've been having, it needs cutting again. Almost 2 times a week, I really would like the grass growing to slow down.

    Poor little "Queen", UTI's are no fun, very painful. How old is the "Queen"? Is it the litter that is causing the UTI's? My sisters cat constantly had UTI's because of the litter, something to do with the dust it produces.

    1. Sandy - The Queen is, well I don't really know how old. She was the first stray to show up here back in 09 in what I call the great economic stray dumping movement. She was already fixed when she found us and refused to be ignored. She was nothing but skin and bones and managed to actually break into the house and crawl up the plumbing to the access panel behind the shower. So she basically moved herself in.

      Lucky for me she got too fat to break in any longer I also fixed the door she used. She used to bring me dead animals as a gift for allowing her to live here but now just feels it is her right and she allows us to stay.

  2. I've been thinking about building a third outbuilding just for storing supplies, so I can get my shop uncluttered and have some room. You never do get things just right, seems like there's always some new project in the offing.

    I should have bought sheep to keep my meadow down. I got goats instead and they ate everything but the grass in the meadow, including the side of my house and the brake lines on my truck.

    1. HF - I would love to build at least another three out buildings but the next big building project is the Mrs' cat kennel building.

      I tell ya we used to have a few goats as well and I will never have them again. Sheep are infinitely better. The meat is better, they don't tear up near as much stuff and their wool is useful if you want to learn how to spin it etc. The yearly shearing is problematic for many I think though. And expensive if you don't know how to do it yourself.


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