Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Normally Don't do This

I normally don't announce when I add a new link or get a new follower to the site. I used to but then I got behind or wrote something that pissed a bunch of people off and lost track :)

But today I added a link to Granny Miller's website and I honestly am amazed I have not come across it before. After Granny posted a comment I went and looked at her site and immediately saw sheep pictures and posts about fruit trees and growing flax.

A true treasure trove of information and one I look forward to catching up on.

I didn't see any political or social opinion posts so I cannot classify her site as "Dangerous or Liberal"

That was a joke from the last post yesterday.

Anyway Granny Miller's site is now linked to the right. If you haven't checked it out before you should. And chastise me for having missed it all these years as well.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Is she anything like "Granny Hawkins" in The Outlaw Josey Wales?

    1. Prolly has less tobacco on her I would say :)

  2. Why thank you PP!
    Actually I'd have to classify myself as a dangerous agrarian anarchist and a calculating and cunning old hag.
    In a former incarnation(2006 -2008), Granny Miller was considered to be an extremely political blog because my website was dedicated to Dr. Ron Paul and promoted such outrageous and dangerous concepts as the Bill of Rights, mandatory GMO labeling and the Apple Seed Project.
    The USDA, NSA and lots of everyday people were freaked out and not ready for the message of self-reliance. Seems they couldn't get past the strong opinion and the US Constitution. Happily the Freedom and Liberty Movement has come a long way since then (we're mainstream now).
    When I returned to blogging it was with the purposeful intention to only impart practical information and to leave my politics and "radical" opinions out of the mix.
    I believe we are living in very dangerous times. I wanted to stay under the radar and reach as many people as possible without scaring them.Pretty sneaky huh???
    All the best,KMG

  3. Granny Miller's blog is awesome. I followed her previously for a while on blogger, but then she disappeared. I recently rediscovered her blog at her new site. A great wealth of information.


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