Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Saturday Update

What a busy day. I can't complain about the weather although it was a bit hot for some of the heavy lifting I was doing. I had my dad along for help but these days the man I used to think could pick up the entire world is more the technical supervisor and leverage manager. He doesn't just grab and lift like I do but thinks up new ways to use boards, ropes and such. Not something I am used to him doing so it still takes me back when he suggest things like that some.

As it turned out we needed a bit of leverage work today. I got the old family cement mixer back finally and when I went to pick it up it looked almost exactly like the picture above (which I stole I admit). That's the same exact mixer that my grand daddy bought in the 1950's for the grand sum total of $42.00. That mixer has poured basements at each of my grandparents houses in the 50's and 60's, a driveway, patio or retaining wall at all of my uncle's places and the house I grew up in and the footing at my cousin's place along with being loaned out and sometimes lost for a year or more.

This time it was left out at a guy's place almost 45 miles away and totally exposed to the weather but it is back in the family now.

I am serious it looked almost exactly like that pic too right down to the vines and everything. The wheels have long since been removed and the thing weighs a metric buttload let me tell you. It hadn't been greased in years either and the top bushing is almost gone but miraculously when I repacked the bushing with grease and tightened up the belt the thing still worked. That bushing is going to have to be replaced soon though but I can use it to get my immediate cistern cover poured before I really put some love and restoration into it.

At this point in time I think it is pretty much fact that it has now become completely mine for keeps. The last uncle who also went with us to pick it up and had replaced the motor on it some thirty years ago said he would never use it again and my brother certainly isn't going to want to store it and all the cousins left are girls.

Ya THAT was a sexist comment and I meant it to be. :)

Primogenitor rules when it comes to tools, guns and heavy equipment. Period :) 

I can't believe the thing still works but I was happy as a clam it does.

Anyway finding it, transporting it, loading it etc. took most of the day but I did get most of the hand weeding done as well. Tomorrow I will finish weeding and get the discing done in the front field. Cement pouring should begin the next time I see three days of sun and no rain in the forecast.

The Mrs. has made some good progress with the feral kitten taming operation although we did lose one to the neighbor's dog. Long story that I won't write particulars about but my neighbor who farms some large acreage up North leaves for a few weeks every year at this time and his dog comes and stays with us. It is an annual, unspoken ritual that just happens and has never been an issue before. The problem is when you get two large dogs together they tend to play at pack hunting and well we tried to get the kittens put up safe but they wouldn't cooperate and one apparently made a run for the pasture. Sad but these things happen. The remaining four are penned up in a large stall now that will take at least another few weeks of growth before they could manage to escape from I think. A couple of them have already adjusted to being petted and played with so it won't be long now.

The litter box concept alone was like a gift from the gods to them and canned catfood just blows their little minds.

So more progress was made towards gaining items needed for long term sustainability. Each week is another small step but we have come so far in these last few years.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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  1. Don't you wish you had a time machine just to go back in time and buy all kids of tools and such. I glad to have the ole mixer back.


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