Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Reading - Dead Pigeons

I had so much I thought I was going to get done today, then I woke up to rain. Lovely. That pretty much destroyed all my morning plans so I went back to bed for an hour or so which irritated the Mrs. who likes to get up at the crack of dawn if not earlier. By the time I stumbled downstairs around 8:30 she was complaining that the day was half over already.

Late last night when we were putting the half tamed kittens to bed one of the invading pigeons decided to let me know it was up in the rafters. Yes it crapped on my head. There is only about five adult pigeons in there this year so I haven't made any effort to rid the barn of them so far. They just made the list.

So as I am drinking my coffee and attempting to wake up this morning when my mother calls asking me what happened in the barn last night. I immediately thought the Mrs. had already told her about the pigeon droppings and she was calling to tease me.

I say "Nothing but some soon to be dead pigeons".

She says "Someone beat you to it and left them in a bucket".


This is just the kind of weirdness I need to wake up to in the morning. Someone sneaking into the barn in the middle of the night and killing pigeons then leaving them as a calling card.

After a bit of detective work it was finally revealed to me that somehow the pigeons ended up dead and in the stall with the kittens. Now how that mother cat got up into the rafters of that barn and managed to kill two pigeons is totally beyond me. I have never seen a cat get the pigeons out of that barn before, ever and I know a couple who have tried over the years. As a matter of fact I have never seen a cat that could get to or was brave enough to even try getting to those top rafter studs. The Mrs. took the dead pigeons away from the kittens this morning and put them in a bucket for me to take care of but hadn't told me about them yet.

I think the mother cat heard me cussing about the pigeons and took it on herself to revenge my humiliation.  Either that or those are the two dumbest pigeons in the world. Or were I guess you could say.

Life on a small sustainable homestead is never dull. There is always some new weirdness to wake up to every day.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Some cats are true climbers- usually the lighter built models.

    1. She is a lighter built model. Not a large cat at all and she has been nursing those kittens for a while so she barely got an ounce of meat on her.

  2. all you need to do now is train the cat and have dead rabbits - you would be set then!

    1. Jamby - No kidding. Sasha will attempt to catch rabbits but they are far too cautious for her to catch. The dogs used to a pretty good job on keeping the rabbits far away but anymore they would rather lounge in the shade than chase rabbits.


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