Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's About Time

Believe it or not NBC (gasp) and the WSJ did a poll on the popularity of Affirmative Action and even more unbelievable they published the results.

NBC News/WSJ Poll Affirmative Action Support at Historic Low

Only 45% of the population currently supports Affirmative Action.

Now I wonder who makes up the roughly 25% of the population who are against AA and are not White and Male?

My guess? The wonderful White Women like the ones who come here and comment. Christian (True Christians), married, loving, respectable, hard working, women who realize they are an equal part of a relationship and don't have a chip on their shoulder.

Women who have seen the effects this legalize oppression has had on their Husbands, Sons and other male relatives and friends. And who truly care about others, not just their own selfish desires.

Keep in mind my next comment doesn't apply to you ladies. But. If we removed White Women from the Affirmative Action biased oppression scheme I think we all might be amazed at how fast Conservatives come back into power.

Just a little late night thought to mull over.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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  1. Some women are going to learn a hard lesson in the not to distant future that they are supposed to be their husbands helpmate not a stalemate.


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