Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Going Full Tilt Now

It was HOT today. No doubt about it. It would have been worse but we managed to have some cloud cover that hung around until Mid-Afternoon. I finally retreated back into the house where I turned the AC on for the first time this year in preparation for the heat wave I saw forecast.  I managed to make it all day out there though and only came in so I could do some dinner prep then it will be back out to continue the never ending stream of gotta do's.

Swarm number 4 arrived at slightly after 1PM this afternoon landing in the same trap spot as swarm number 1 did. I have a different trap up there now but the same scenario in that I did not notice them until the huge cloud showed up. Not sure what direction they came from once again. It was another large swarm though so I will be moving it tonight and hiving it up after a day or so wait. No need to put this one in a smaller box to grow any just need to take it slow so they don't get pissy and leave from my messin around with em.

So far it looks like the tanglefoot ant repellant is doing a good job. Both the traps that I was having so many ant problems with now have either a swarm inside or are being heavily scouted.

Take that Ants!!!

Soybeans are the savior this year I suspect because all around the Small-Hold it looks like a tractor show once again. Around here the tractors cover every color of the rainbow and you will see plenty of older ones mixed in and doing their share as well next to the big new shiny ones. The wait at the one gas station left standing in the immediate area (due to the great recovery we are having no doubt) was a bit long this morning. I couldn't resist adding my old 9N to the show and used it to make my swarm trap and hive checking runs today. I fit right in even if I was the smallest tractor on the road :)

All the plants are shooting up fast now and most of the weeding is caught up. I even managed to get an area ready so the Mrs. can plant her nasty Okra. Wasn't that sweet of me?

The Small-Hold Pole beans are putting out their first climber tendrils and blooms. I can't wait to harvest a big bag of beans so I can breath easier knowing my special strain won't die out. I am going to allow the first crop of pods to dry on the vine and harvest them specifically for seed. After I get enough to satisfy a couple years worth of planting I will begin harvesting for edibles but I doubt I get too much of that this year.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. The the size of a man's tractor doesn't matter, its his skill in using it that matters.

  2. PP,

    Nothing better than a tractor convention, lol

    Where did you get your tanglefoot ant repellant? I've got an ant problem along side of our garage. I'm going to try checking Home Depot for it along with a moth killer. My folks have a problem inside there place, they brought home bird seed which had a couple of moths and now they have a moth problem.

    Glad to hear your garden is really taking off. The Mrs's is going to be really happy to hear she has space for okra. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on your beans. Hoping you get a really good harvest and they won't die out.

    I'm heading for Texas again on Sunday, hoping to return Tuesday night. My garden is taking off but I'm worried now about the heat. Temperatures peaked 97 degrees today. My husband has been watering the garden and letting the weeds grow for me :P


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