Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Reading - 200 Years Ago we would already be Fighting

Another lazy Sunday. It is still raining a bit off and on and the ground is still muddy as it can get but it has warmed up a bit and finally climbed up into the 60's. Perhaps this week I can get some more planting done and work on some other projects but for now it's still inside work and a lot of reading.

I am sure most of you are familiar with the little poll linked off of Drudge about 29% of registered voters believing an armed revolution will be necessary.

I chewed on that article a bit. Followed some of the links although I never saw the actual demographic breakdown I was looking for. Browsed several other sites that had linked the poll and had discussions on it and then made myself go to a few liberal sites and see theirs as well. Finally I swung by one of the local "Black Gun" dealers and listened to a few of the locals chatting about things.

While I am sure some will disagree and I could not find the male/female breakdown in the poll I was looking for nor the all important racial one either, my general feeling is that if this country was made up demographically the same way it was even 60 years ago and certainly 200 years ago, we would already be fighting a civil war.

Twenty Nine percent may not seem like a lot to some but the forty four percent Republican number tells me that the sentiment runs very high with White Men. I would guesstimate that particular 44% represents over 60%  of all the White Male population with in the United States. Add to that the 27% Independent number and we may be climbing as high as 70% of all White Males.

Looking at things from a sectional point of view that is going to pan out (again in my guesstimation) to many areas where the male population supporting "as necessary" some type of armed defense if nothing else, will run as high as 80% to 90% or more.

That is a powder keg fixin to go off my friends.

Matters of this nature that have reached a point this divided leave little room for outside voting influence. Even less influence when those opposing are miles away and grouped in their own little enclaves or obviously voting for their own agenda regardless of cost to others.

The City dweller Liberal/Feminist have passed their un-Constitutional legislation in a few states but have yet to act on them in any meaningful way. They are not going to stop and they cannot be defeated at the ballot box any longer. Unless circumstances change, and things are always fluid, we are headed to one inevitable end result.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I been telling anyone that would listen, for the last two years that civil war is coming. Most don't want to hear it. Most of the rest just want to hide. We are just one police raid from nightmare. I think prep-time is almost up.

    1. Anon - I agree. As long as we continue down the path the Liberal/Feminist have set us down it will come to blows eventually. Pure survival dictates it will happen, unless a large segment of the population just willingly goes down without a fight and I don't see that happening.

      These days each move means more loss than the target can afford now. It isn't like it was 60 years ago when the cost was barely felt.

  2. Stupid, just stop electioneering the same people to Congress.
    We are the ones who have allowed this to happen to us by not paying attention to our so called elected representative overreaching power grab.
    We can either vote the scum out of office or take up arms against ourselves and destroy ourselves in the process.
    It is your choose, STUPID.

    1. Don - The problem as I see it is what you and I consider Rights are not important to others. It really is that simple. Other groups will more willingly sacrifice rights for security. The question you have to ask yourself (and I have to ask myself) is how far are we willing to let those differing opinions move us?

  3. I am guessing that it is shadow support for second amendment rights.

    But unless the parking is free and close by, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for these people to show up for the revolution.

    1. Russ - Well my bet is just like the American Revolution there are those who are willing to go where ever the fight is and there are those who will rise up when the fight is nearby.

      If you know how to use both types you can get your point across. It has happened before :)

    2. we are more likely and better off with secession. there needs to be a political framework, logistical base and safe areas to be victorious as well as legitimacy to foreign gov'ts. sates can provide these things and we are largely already in alignment with same. revolution means taking on 100% of the gov't. secession meand taking on 50% or less. much better odds. if you subtract out the huge urban areas, that number drops even more. i like our odds if one or more states secedes, or even enforces the tenth amendment.

    3. RR - I certainly do not disagree with you about secession. I don't see the liberal blue enclave areas letting us do it without a fight however.

      Secession will also take a few more years to become mainstream enough and I am not sure the liberal rights grabbers will wait that long without throwing us into a civil war/secession.

      I also agree we Red states will be fine without them.

  4. The progressive collectivist horde of pseudo-feminists and raving sodomites will not back off - they believe themselves to be very near to victory, and refuse any alternative outcome, so this *will* go to arms. I've been calling out their end-game for over 5 years, and am convinced that we passed the point of no return, late last year. It will come shortly... here's my take on the details:

    Keep prepping...


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