Saturday, May 4, 2013

Getting a Bit Ahead of Myself

Most progress I had planned on making this Spring has now come to a screeching halt more or less. This rain and cold has now pretty much tied my hands on several projects I had been planning and left me with a bunch of time on my hands to plan others. I am getting way ahead of myself in the planning area.

I did get the old junk and rotting fences cleared out of the fruit tree area I had planned. I even got a bit further and constructed a new rubbish burn area and finished up the shelves in the storage shed along with four new swarm traps. I managed to get some seeds in the ground but I am not even sure they will germinate to be honest. What a Spring it has been.

At some point in there planting was suppose to be finished and I needed to get the cistern cap framed and poured but for the most part outside projects, which is all I have left right now, have come to a halt. What few days rain has not been falling have been taken up with mowing as quick as possible and squeezing in whatever has made it to the top of the priority list.

I am now to the point of researching projects that I more than likely will not have a chance to get to this Summer namely learning to weld and building a forge/blacksmith area. There isn't much else to do now but read and research and clean. I am now at least a month behind schedule and chomping at the bit. The weather and loss of my truck have placed me waaaaay behind in several areas including hauling and cutting more firewood for next year and I am still burning what I have left about 50% of the time.

Not really much left to do right now besides putting the cart before the horse.

It sure has been an interesting Spring. I just hope it dries out and warms up sometime soon.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. LOL...I have been getting ahead of myself, too.

  2. Now it will go from a wet spring to a hot summer, followed by a cool fall.


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