Friday, May 31, 2013

Blood Sucking Parasites

No Not Liberal Democrats, although they qualify as well :)

Ticks. I hate em. Some day maybe some one will tell me what the association is with rain and ticks. It seems the drier it is the less ticks I have to deal with but when we are getting almost daily rains I can assure you the next day I will be covered with these nasty little crawling blood suckers.

I have averaged at least a dozen and the other night pulled twenty ticks off myself by the time I was done for the day.

Sometimes they are so small I don't even notice them until the area they have set up to dine on begins to itch a bit. Sometimes they are so small I have to put on reading glasses and use tweezers to get em off.

But rain always equals huge numbers of ticks. I guess I could try putting some insect repellant on but often times I get them while checking my bees and I am not sure repellant is a good idea then.

The rain let up for an hour or so today long enough for me to check on the bees, traps, garden etc. So far we haven't sustained much damage but it's going to be days before I can get out there and resume my weeding. I had hoped the rain was over but within a few short hours the Sun was covered once again and the thunder was rumbling. Now the rain is hitting the window as usual.

Four inches and counting in less than a day.

I am going to be so far behind on my mowing.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. You need a small flock of Guineas. They'll clean a yard of ticks quickly.

    1. Stephen - I know. I used to have a post up about my dad's guinea adventure when I was young. I am not sure the strays wouldn't do them in but I want to give them a try around here that's for sure.

  2. Vitamine B 1 tablets every day keeps them away

  3. I have tried guineas three times and not sure if they just fly off or because they roam so far into the woods animals get them :( I have been turning my chickens into our yard daily and now I may get one or two ticks some days but most days there are none. The chickens really do a good job!


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