Monday, February 4, 2013

Questions Questions

This certainly isn't the first time I have questioned national news incidents or even local ones. Maybe I am a natural conspiracy type guy but the stories we are spoon-fed by the authorities and the media never really seem to add up right in so many cases.

Take this latest Alabama child hostage crisis that ended this afternoon. I have been following this thing as close as I could waiting for the liberal media hammer to fall on this guy owning a bunch of military rifles, ammo out the whazooo and the Lord only knows what else they can fabricate or blow out of proportion.

I saw one article where they mentioned that he got all upset while listening to Conservative radio programs, yet in the same paragraph went on and on about how he was an anti-social loner. This begs the first question in my mind which is how they knew he listened to Conservative talk shows if he wouldn't let anyone around him.

The second suspicious thing I read was that he had given a friend (I guess anti-social types are allowed one) a letter but that the friend couldn't reveal the contents and was advised not to talk to anyone but law enforcement about it. Yet not even law enforcement have acknowledged this letter to date.

Then there were a few other things thrown in as background that were questionable. The media keeps reporting he almost killed a dog with a lead pipe to he did kill a dog with a lead pipe. If the dog/pipe incident happened it had to have occurred within the last two years as he had been living in that spot for only that amount of time. This means a man in his middle 60's ran a dog down and beat it with a pipe? Either that or  the dog was very friendly and came to the pipe willingly which sounds pretty flimsy to me as dogs usually know when a human is out to do them harm. The last option is that it was a dog that wasn't afraid for other reasons. Now tell me what type of dog would confront a monkey with a stick?

We then get to a court date over a dispute with neighbors who say he fired at them while they were in their car. Last I heard firing at someone even in a car is attempted murder yet all he had was a court date? One article mentioned a brandishing claim and another unlawful discharge which would indicate at worst he fired into the air.

He killed the bus driver yet never even fired a shot at the children in the bus.

I have many more questions regarding why suddenly after seven days the child was in danger and the suspect had a gun. Hello? He had a gun from the start and was in a bunker how did they suddenly see him with one now?

This is one of those stories that makes me feel like I assume the top brass guys felt while I was stationed in Germany during the last few months of the cold war and the Russians started moving troops around. It raises my alert level and I start looking to see what else is going on.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I don't think there is a conspiracy. It is just the media publishing everything they hear for lack of anything substantive.

    It would be easy to beat a dog to death with a lead pipe. Find a dog tied up. or Beat a small dog that is friendly or just too close. or Get in one disabling blow and keep hitting.

    Today, someone said the kids escaped out the back emergency door. A 14-yr-old child said they ran out the front door.

    After discrepancies are reported, I sigh and wait a few days for the media to sort it all out.

    Of course, the media is going to report he was a survivalist and had lots of guns. Maybe they ought to focus on his mental health problems, but they won't. They should. Guns are the targets here. They would not try to outlaw other weapons he might use to kill the busdriver--knives, swords, a club, a rope, bare hands.

    The media promotes their own agendas, just like we do. Not right, but true.

    1. As for the Dog thing the reports all stated the dog was the neighbors and was on his property so it being tied up doesn't seem to compute.

      The kids in the buss part, well I don't know. They couldn;t have all filed out very fast had he wanted to shoot one he prolly could have.

  2. Good questions. The answers may be benign, and attributable to poor reporting in general (which is certainly within the realm of possibility, given what an awful job the mass media goes, generally).

    He may have been a complete whack job. Or they may be lying through their collective teeth.

    1. RP - Whack job yes. Just not the monster they are making him out as is my opinion. Too many possibilities for major hurt were passed up for this guy to be as violent as they are making him out to be.

      My gut reaction tells me he was planning a suicide by cop with a hostage situation to make it more media tempting but didn't count on a buss driver putting up a fight.

      What makes me think it is a real media snow job is the alleged car shooting but no arrest.

  3. Another great stop and think about this posting. Can we trust any media??

  4. The media coverage gets me. Just watching fox pseudo-news made me irritated.

    Hearing Shep Smith announce that the man was a survivalist and anti-government as though that made him evil in and of itself....

    Besides the innocent bus-driver getting killed, what I find sad is the fact that with the way the media works anymore, I instantly doubt anything that the media says from the get-go. And with the way we were lied to by the police about the Newtown, Conn slaughter, I instantly doubt anything the police have to say as well.

  5. All I know is that if it were my kid in there, I would have (attempted to) stormed that bunker about 15 minutes after I found out what happened. I would have been tased and put in jail the last 6 or 8 days because every time they let me out I would have gone back to try to get my boy again.

    Why did they wait so long?

    1. True. But don't let the media use that boy the way Obama uses children. Look at the entire picture.

  6. The FBI had a camera in the bunker where he was holding his hostage. As long as he was talking (negotiating) with the FBI and not acting in a threatening manner to the child, everyone was content. That's why it lasted as long as it did -- the situation was not deteriorating. Once he stopped negotiating and started pacing the bunker with a weapon in hand, the FBI went in.

    You know the rest.

    1. Ya I figured they had wiggled one of them cams int here some how.

      Makes sense.

  7. i am happy that this child is back in the arms of his parents. every news report on this that i heard or read stated emphatically that this guy was "mean spirited" towards animals and people. i suppose that we will all be left to wonder why he was/became so mean...and we will probably never know.

    1. See thats the point. His actions are not necessarily as mean spirited as they are being portrayed other than killing the buss driver anyway.

      Had he actually shot AT someone he would have been in jail.

      I suspect if the breed of the dog and it's history were printed people might think a bit differently about hitting it with a pipe.


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