Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Reading- When Liberal Emotion Meets Femi-Nazism

 To use the word Burrrrrrrrrrr... To describe this week would be something of an understatement. It was pretty figgin cold most of the week and dropped down to around 5 degrees one of those nights with high winds that made it even worse a nice rainstorm/ice storm or two and a bit of snow flurries.

I had the wood furnace open and was shoving in firewood almost like a fireman on an old steam engine at times. I even went down and started up the kerosene heater in the basement one of the nights but we survived rather comfortably with the house never getting below 65 even while sleeping and letting the furnace burn down a bit.

Another trip into the woods today yielded another load of fresh cut firewood and I plan on splitting some of the stored large stuff tomorrow so I will be just about set for the rest of the heavy burn Winter after that. The next few weeks will see a gradual switch from cutting standing dead wood to cleaning up some of the smaller live stuff I had to cut for access or hang ups and that type of thing. I think there is at least two or three full loads of that type of wood laying out there. Generally speaking I do not cut live trees at all if I can help it but with the wild grape vine and heavy second growth of trees in Missouri woods it frequently cannot be helped.

If we get the typical March warm up/false Spring as usual this year (and I am really hoping we do) I will be hitting the last bit of old fence row/junk clean out I have half completed. We have had some warm days for brush clearing but none that have been warm enough to thaw the stuff I need to remove from the ground yet. Since I used the sheep as a defacto overgrown area clean up crew this Winter the few areas I have left to clear require longer stretches of warmth and a tractor to pull some old rotted fence posts out of the ground.

Still I can feel Spring coming and I get most of my clean up and clearing done during the months of March and April. So come on False Spring!!!!

I will also know this Spring if my largest and best producing apple tree is history or not. It shriveled up and lost all it's leaves during last Summer's drought. I am afraid it gave up the ghost despite the fact that it had plenty of water where it stood. One of the locals who's family owned this property 75 years ago claims that tree has been fully grown for well over 50 years at least so I have no idea how old that tree was but it did put out some apples. I hate to lose it.

This week also saw a huge influx if teacher dramatics as our totally feminist dominated education system throws it's full weight behind liberal gun control attempts. Even in my almost totally RED dominated bit of Conservative utopia we saw the feminist hatred of guns (being a White Male endeavor mostly so it is to be attacked) come out and a young boy being suspended over a toy gun pictured above.

Third-Grader Suspended over Toy Gun on FOB

Seriously when are we going to demand that these feminist man-hating teachers stop indoctrinating our children with their own daddy government biased ideas?

Drudge had plenty of other links of the same scenario playing out all over the country, one even involving a girl and a water pistol.

There was also this one. Florence Student Suspended over Picture of Gun

So now even a  picture of a firearm is as offensive to these Feminist Teachers and administrators as say porn or drugs?

I simply cannot believe we allow these radical Feminist to continue to degrade, oppress and brain wash our boys this way while we taxpayers fund it and are even forced to send our children to have it done by the government.

As I said the zombies are inside the wire my friends.... And in our schools.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Toy guns are a big no-no. In general any toy-type that gets to be too agrevating gets banned as well. But generally they are confiscated. Suspending third graders for non-dangerous activities is bizzarre.

  2. the zombies have been in our schools for the last twenty five years!!! i remember when it was quite alright to carry a pocket knife to was more common than a lead pencil.


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