Saturday, November 10, 2012

To Be or Not To Be

Excuse me My Lord, General  but I have a question if I may?

Why Yes my good citizen what can I do for you?

Sooooo Your Generalship what are we gonna do with all these Saxon mercenaries after the war is over? We can't really pay em and Rome said we were on our own now and the Britons don't want them here.

Why we will let them settle on the land we take from those Britons we don't like, the ones that want to be left alone. They will settle there and that will be the end of it my good Centurion.

If you say so Sir.

Why do I imagine that very same discussion has happened more than a few times over the years? Oh the names of the tribes were different, the geological areas had different names as well but the basic theme remained steady for many years and many a migratory cycle.

For those out there who feel the status quo is going to protect us or things may remain the way they were I got news for you. They won't. The Liberals can smell blood in the water and they are not going to stop until they are given a body check into stall mode.

The White Male vote means nothing to them now. Nothing. Which means the NRA lobbying power means nothing to them now as well. Neither does the Constitution, Bill of Rights or any other legal document or law.

Believe me when I tell you they are planning all sorts of moves into areas they have been salivating over for the last three decades and it would be wise for us to get ready. I doubt they will even stop with Clinton-like banning of firearms and then waiting to gradually erode us into submission as the "grandfathered" weapons disappear. They are going to tax us and regulate us into slavery all the while proclaiming it is the "will of the people". "We have a mandate".

The so called "Rich" do not have enough money to pay the debts the Liberal's have racked up. They will be coming for more I am sure of it.

I would recommend scouting out hiding places and cache sites now while you still can.

It won't be long.


  1. P.P. I fear things are going to get even worse for the U.S. Within days Fox News was saying how the Left was going to raise taxes by letting all tax cuts expire. Why?? to pay down the massive debt, The debt they placed on us.

    I fear the GOP now has its hands tied. They may say "NO" to raising taxes, but behind closed doors they will say yes.

    1. Agreed, Obama will want the negotiations to fail. A recession is all but inevitable even if a compromise is reached, however if they fail he gets everything he wants and the GOP will get the blame. Then once the seriousness of the situation is apparent, he can get the parts he doesn't want to loose back and get credit for it.


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