Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall Chores and Preps are Complete

The Late Fall tilling is completed, all the tools and machines are stored away and I have enough firewood stacked to last the Winter even if it snowed today and stayed that way until the end of March. The only thing left to do now is put the frames and coverings down for the three new raised beds I am going to get ready for next Spring and haul in some more woodchip mulch for the walk paths.

The Fall has been so mild again this year that we are continuing to get some weed and grass growth and even some dandelions blooming here and there. Despite the mild Fall so far though I did lose one bee colony over the brief cold snap we got. Yes Roanoke colony gave up the ghost. I am not really sure why either the hive had no evidence of robbing nor pests inside but they obviously starved themselves out. I fed this colony all Summer long so they should have had enough stores to make it at least a bit further into cold weather.

I really don't like to feed sugar or syrup to be honest since my view on sustainable bee keeping would mean little sugar available for feeding anyway. I babied that hive and fed them more than any other and they still failed so perhaps it was just meant to be. No matter what I tried I couldn't get that colony to build up so there may have been something wrong with the queen in the first place.

After cleaning the test revolver I can say I found very little fouling or leading inside the barrel. The cylinder was a bit dirtier than usual but perhaps the HP-38 powder burns a bit dirtier than I am used to.

Other than that I am switching over completely to Winter projects and brush/outbuilding clearing as the days allow.

We now have a month or two off until Spring preps must begin.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. "Roanoke colony gave up the ghost. I am not really sure why" Did you check the trees in your area for any cryptic tree carvings in bee-dance pictograms? I think that is how the whole Roanoke thing is supposed to work? Given all the coddling they got, maybe they wanted a more formal recognition of their entitled postion and headed to St. Louis.

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