Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Reading - Things in General

As usual the work never stops around the Small-Hold. It has been such a wonderfully mild Fall so far that lately again I am able to stop as the sun dips down and sit on the deck and marvel at how far the place has come. The fences still look like crap and there are still areas of cleanup that need to be done but the place is really starting to look like a small productive farm in many ways now.

Last night the temps didn't dip below 60 degrees and it has been almost 70 or higher for the last several days so I eased off on the brush busting and storage shed cleaning and tilled the garden area with the walk behind tiller one more time for Winter. I really need to look into buying a small HP tiller for the little Ford tractor rather than the 70HP one that only fits on the Massy. The Massy isn't always available to me when I need it and ground/garden maintenance is kinda a target of opportunity endeavor if you really get right down to it. Not sure the Mrs. will go for that large a purchase before her house is built though.

The mild weather is predicted to last most of the coming week so at this point I am going to take this opportunity to get a few more raised beds put together and ready for Spring plants. We only have a month before it will be seed starting time once again for a few varieties so it really isn't too soon.

Gotta keep pushin. The way things seem to be going financially self sufficient maybe a necessity before too much longer.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. i agree with your thoughts of being "financially self sufficient" in the future heading our way...does not sound like congress and the president are making any headway except perhaps straight over their fiscal can bet that they are taking care of themselves and their futures individually at this time whether they admit it or not to the public. well, i dont have alot of things to make my life easier when the shtf and this country takes the dive over the cliff, but with lots of learning, hard work, and prepping i can live pretty well without.

  2. That is true, the work is never done!
    Our weather has been really mild too and I wish I could be outside in the garden, but it isn't to be for a while yet. I'll live vicariously through you until I can. ;)

  3. We had a cold spell, but it is warm enough now that some of the Camillas are having a fall bloom.

    Think of the fences as "looking like crap" as your intentional signaling to the PA bandit crowd that there is "nothing of value here" and you could at least lighten the work load.

  4. I have really been enjoying the mild weather too. However, I also worried about it. If you think about it as a deviation from a baseline of normal there is nothing mild about it- it is a continuation of the heat wave.


  5. after being abnormally chilly. Its not getting warmer here as well, and suppose to be the rest of the week. My son said "but its december" why are we in shorts?

    We to are working on the financial issue. trying very hard to not have any more credit cards.


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