Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Road to the Great American War of 2021


I am not a Constitutional Scholar by any professional interpretation. I have a degree in American History and I started my Masters in Early American History until I figured out no amount of education was going to help a straight White guy like me get anywhere unless it was in the STEM field or from an Ivy League school.   At which point I dropped any further accredited education and the 500 buck an hour cost and began working towards what I think will best help the most people in the years ahead. However I do know more than dare I say most of society about Constitutional matters and how it has tainted our Republic to this day. How changes that now appear specifically aimed at this point in History have formed what we see today. I will briefly attempt to explain some of them if you are interested. If not well stop reading now I guess :)

I passed a Pro-Trump rally this afternoon. I understand why people are upset. This election was a farce plain and simple. Even an obvious one but the Femcrat/Multi-Cult doesn't care because it is 100% legal. It has taken many years of Femocrat maneuvering to get to this particular spot in History. I doubt all the changes necessary were undertaken just with this particular scenario in mind but I am pretty sure some Liberal Genius did figure out how to use it all for this purpose. More than likely last year about the same time I saw the danger. I only wish I had written about the danger when I saw it.

Have any of you wondered why there are so many ballots and votes for Creepy Joe that do not include votes for the Federal Senators and such on them? Of course you have there have been articles out there about it but all of them I have read have omitted one important reason for this. Senators are elected by popular vote that can be denied by Federal election officials. Kind of Sort of. At least there is an avenue to legally pursue such a ballot dismissal for a Senator. There is not one for a President or Vice President as in truth that particular election, as far as the Federal government is concerned, has not even happened yet. I am of course talking about the Electoral College and that vote will not happen until around December 14th. First Monday after the second Wednesday or something like that.

These mail in, absentee votes that have no check for citizenship, age etc. you see are not legally votes for a President they are votes a State uses to direct it's elected College delegates. Which is why you only see them in Democratic States I imagine. If they included an actual vote for a Federally serving position, like say a Senator, well that opens them up to more Federal scrutiny at least in theory since they would be actual votes to the Federal government. This thin distinction is also further highlighted by the rather conveniently timed ruling by the Supreme Court regarding Electoral Delegates acting as "Free Agents" and Declaring State laws forcing such delegates to vote according to the state ballots. This decision for Chifalo v. Washington was supported by all justices then sitting I might add but my guess is only about 3 of them knew why it would soon be important. This Interpretation is important as it removes the risk for a "Free Agent" Delegate to vote for Trump in the College election due to "illegally accepted ballots".

This is just the tip of the Ice Berg of the changes to Federal Law, The Constitution and the checks and balances set up by America's Founding Fathers that lead us to this moment in history have allowed. Taxes, Federal Reserve, Departments the Federal government has no legal right to create and run like Education etc. Senators being popularly elected removes the right of individual States to effectively fight many liberal biased laws in the Senate which it was designed for. Federal money coerces many States to go against the will of it's people. As I said the list is goes on and all seems to have shaped the perfect storm tailor made for this massive fraud of an election.


The question is.... What are " We the People" going to do about it? One thing is for certain. Just like in 2008 Rural America is once again under siege.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. PP it’s so good to hear from you! How have you been?

    Do you think peaceful separation/secession are possible? I personally think not: all those blue states are in financial straights and need more “other people’s money”. Joe and Kamala mean to steal it for them.

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  5. Heh Removed three copies of the same post GF!!! Good to see you commenting and hearing from you too man!! I don't think it is possible. There really are no blue states just blue enclaves and allowing any secession would be dangerous for those enclaves for the reason you mentioned.

  6. Sorry about that! I seem to have developed a stutter...

  7. Happy to see a new post. Hope all is well with you.


    1. Things were going great until the election anyway. We will see how it goes from here. Thanks for reading and saying HI!!!


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