Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Control Paddock is Done!!!!

I got the last little stretch of fence for the control paddock put up. This including three more post holes, setting the posts and installing the horizontal supports. Ran the fence and used some odd pieces of cattle panel for the triangle corner section.

This section is an important part of the whole set up. I have the gates set to swing into each other thereby allowing someone to open the gate to the ram's paddock and create a "safe space" in case the ram decides he would rather headbutt than go out into the pasture. This was an important feature for the women-folk to have so they can let him out even if I am not home.

Even if the ram is uncooperative the ladies can slip right out the other gate locking it behind them and the ram is still contained. This will let us allow the ram to graze whatever pasture the ewes and lambs are currently not using all year around if we desire and give the old boy a chance to really stretch his legs some too.

I am finally getting a bit better at hanging the gates too and measuring the right width for the posts. The ewes and yearlings are currently able to get into the ram's future paddock and I am using the control paddock for the ram until I get his new shelter and fence done. I need to have it completed by the end of October because breeding time starts in November and the ewes are wasting no time teasing the rams mercilessly already.

Here's the woodpile from the trees I had to clear out for the control paddock. I hated to take the shade away but I wanted the option of being able to run the tractor through there is needed and the trees were right in the way. They were also covered in Boxelder bugs which the chickens won't eat and are a real mess when moving the limbs around. After the ram's permanent paddock is finished I will take out that tall stump and get rid of the ugly temporary fence you see in the background. Now that this is done I can also leave the sheep out in there at night to keep the weed growth down as well.

That means less mowing next year!!!!!

Next step is building the new shelter and taking down what remains of the old Ram paddock fence. Oh and getting all the limbs hauled off.

I just hope the weather holds so I can get this all done before breeding season get's here.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. You excel at fencing, sure looks good and well thought out. I haven't noticed many box elder bugs, they must still be in the trees here. We are getting close to frosting but nothing yet. Cleaned the chimney for the big wood stove today so we are ready for some cold.

  2. Congrats on a major accomplishment. Go get a Starbucks ice frappacinno (sp) or whatever that drink was that cost $2.00

  3. Oh boy - that is some good work there, PP!

  4. Don't you love it when a hard thought plan comes together???

  5. Your getting so much done...isn't good weather a blessing! Nice gates!

  6. I have no background with livestock but do you have to re-seed your pastures every year? That looks like it would be expensive.

  7. ahhh ... pioneer preppy - the energizer bunny of homesteading..

    looks like this will make your life easier - fence looks great!!

    cheers pal!!

  8. Anything that results in less mowing has got to be great!


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