Saturday, October 15, 2016

And This Is What It Comes Down To

In most Presidential elections over the last few decades the real deciding voting block in this country has been White Women. The female vote has rendered all other types of voting blocks insignificant especially the White racial vote and honestly is the main reason we are in the mess we are in today. There really is no other way to state it.

It wasn't the Black vote or the Hispanic vote that put the Golfer in Chief in office. It was the White Female vote. This is why there is no such thing as a White vote yet all other races get to have a fairly cohesive voting block. From that point on it has degenerated as the Femocrats have deftly managed to make sure any so called "Diversity" benefits White Women as much or more than any other "Minority" group.

The question that nags at me these days is has it finally gone far enough? Have normal White Women finally seen the damage this feminist movement has done to their brothers, fathers, sons and husbands? Can they now see through the lies of some tramp throwing herself at one of the few White Men still around who made it only to claim years or decades later it was all a one way street?

Interestingly enough in 2012 the Married White Female vote went slightly to Romney. A change from decades of Femocrat support with all White Women across the board. This gives me some hope that maybe, just maybe it was the beginning of a trend. It is almost our final option.

The truth is that isn't the final option though. Hoping that as a group White Women wake up is actually the second to last option. The last option, what it will finally come down to, is when White Men just say "No" and refuse to follow the silliness numbers have forced on us.

Yes numbers. White Men are out numbered. Nothing new there we have always been out numbered BUT we ultimately decided to try building a society were numbers meant something and the only way to do that was to adopt an experiment in Mob rule democracy. The only place where numbers actually count enough to cancel out almost all other factors. Intelligence, ability, will, strength, stamina all these things count for very little when it comes to elections. In elections numbers reign supreme.

If the elections fail us and finally push us too far?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Hmmmm. Good question, PP.

    Two men in my family (with the eception of my wife) are all solidly 'femocrat' as you say. The older women haven't had to face the fallout of it, and the younger ones accept that fallout as a fact of life rather than the consequences of their actions and beliefs. They will keep doing the things that hurt them and their families and blaming the results on others. They will never 'get it'. Your founding fathers understood that most women were like that and that is why they were not allowed to vote.

    a lot of people are saying 'enough'. They will not be shamed or scolded into silence anymore and they will get rude about it if you push them. I grew up in a matriarchal family. Last year I gave my mother in law the punt as the head of the family.mi should have done it much sooner, but my wife and daughter loved her and I loved them. Recently my mother was breaking off about Trump and I told that old bitch to shut it because or we would leave. In both cases they were shocked at the suddenness and finality of my conduct. I have had enough. Any woman or identity whore that wants to try me will no longer get the best of me. I don't care if they are offended, I don't care if the cool kids and celebrities agree with them - I don't care if their feelings are hurt. 25% of North American women are suffering from depression... You can't let people like that run your life, never mind a country.

    You're darn right I'm prepping.

  2. Errrr...should read "the women in my family..."

  3. In my humble opinion if Killary wins, the country and our constitution are totally fucked.

    Carl in the UP

  4. Well, the good news is that there are still places (and we can see where they are) where the white women are smarter. Paradoxically (NOT!!), it appears to be the places where even white women, supposedly the beneficiaries of feminism and privilege, are the least educated (Appalachia, the Deep South, the High Prairie).

    For the record, I am a white female, born and raised in West Virginia to a looooong line of redneck hillbillies, who married young and decided to shitcan the crap I was taught in K-8 and college and get back to my common-sense roots and redneck high-school education when I had a daughter at 23 and realized I wanted her to grow up in a better world. It didn't take too much thinking to realize that the "better world" I wanted was back in the hills, and the world I wanted to spare her from was the "progressive" one I'd been trained to propel myself into for most of my life.

    God Bless Hillbillies.

  5. Feminism makes me gag! Unfortunately, I spent much of my younger days sucked up in that mess, and in corporate America. Fortunately, I married a REAL MAN 11 years ago and after a few tumultuous years, we settled into a healthy, balanced life.....I focus on homemaking and homesteading while he provides the finances for us to live a very comfortable life. Growing food, milking goats, canning, soap making, cheese making, and a myriad of other homesteading skills have been learned over the past several years. I've never been happier or more satisfied with my life and my husband is glad to have a woman to come home to and find that I've not sat on my butt all day or spent a ton of self-indulgent money at the "day spa"!

  6. I despise feminists. Too many people sit and believe whatever they read on social media. They let emotions take over instead of using common sense. I will continue work on my garden, canning, and prepping to care for my family.

  7. I have to say this election cycle is terrifying for so many being the actual idiocy of voters. Sorry but its true. It all a big high school popularity contest and the name calling has started. What a mess! I remember arguing with women friends about Obama being a dreadful choice. Now they side with Hillary who tolerated her husbands behavior to keep her position and power. Akkk Pray for this country.


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