Friday, September 9, 2016

The "I Told Ya So Times"

Ya know even back when I played High School ball in the 80's it was pretty obvious that White players were getting intentionally passed over when it came to college ball recruitment. Not that I was ever a contender for any college team you understand but I did see a couple of top notch players forced to attempt walk-on try outs while offers to a couple of the darker skinned players came pouring in.

I played for a nationally known High school team too.

Anyway even back then I could see where this thing was going. I have often since told many a fellow White Man to turn off the tube and stop giving some biased, over hyped game as much political power as they were. They just looked at me like I was a leper usually.

Now I like to pick on Feminist to no end I admit BUT I will also point out that a large part of today's problems are also because way too many Men will take the drug of professional sports and ignore everything else of real importance around them. There is little unity and they give too much power to institutions like college and professional teams. Then they wonder why those teams turn around and bite them when they get a chance?

Well it may be short lived once again like the dismay that followed the MU football teams betrayal last year, but pointing out the failings of these sports addicted zombies is at least having some effect recently. Oh the old couch potatoes still have nothing to say openly but the barbs now just get greeted with silence because they know they have no way to deny it any longer.

A necessary step in the entire decline will be the loss of faith in corrupt institutions. Some may look at it as decay happening in real time but I say the decay has been there for years. What is happening is the zombies are finally starting to notice and just maybe if enough wake up the decline may go a bit easier in the long run.

Welcome to the world we created.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I think there is not a single institution in this country that is not corrupted to its core. We are on our own.

    1. I often think how the Roman citizens survived the collapse. Drawing little attention to themselves and hiding their wealth would probably be a good start. PP, your thoughts for a post?

  2. small hold,

    I feel, believe, and act the same way as you. One word I have come to appreciate it pernicious. And this from google.
    adjective: pernicious

    having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.
    "the pernicious influences of the mass media"

  3. Years ago in my high school days we 'got' our first Black student (1973) He was an idiot and some of actually would risk prejudice by saying that. He ran for Student council President and of course won. {A vote against him for the extremely capable candidate would indicate your prejudiced}
    He was terrible in fact he got suspended and subsequently expelled for drug trafficking 3/4 's of the way through the school year. I cannot believe how much worse it has become.
    We worry more and more as we watch the crazy world out there. Take care and God Bless your Homestead!

    1. fiona,
      love your web log.
      i hope you had the sense to vote for the good candidate.


  4. PP,.
    were the white football players as good as the black ones they were passed over for?
    if as good, why did the coaches pick only the black ones?
    i have wondered over the decades why no athletes of other races are in the top ball teams.

    1. Two word answer to the first part; Affirmative Action...

  5. I have grown so tired of the holier then you attitude. All they pro's are is over paid baby's. Then you get the college players who get so much smoke blown up their asses they drop out to turn pro. I have seen 2 or 3 local (MN)do that within 2 years pro they are done, as they could handle the pressure.


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