Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So Sad It's Funny Now

Yesterday was a picture perfect day. Cool temps, nice breeze, low humidity. It was wedged in between rain on Sunday and rain today of course. Overall however it can at least be said the temperatures have dropped by about 10 degrees or so which is making it a lot more bearable than the constant rain and heat of a few weeks back.

The forecast for the next 10 days also show one day with a graphic of the sun peeking out from behind a cloud. The other 9 days are all thunderstorm days. I can only hope this changes relatively quickly and things get back to normal or I will never have a chance to cut the back hay field. We should be high and dry this time of year with these constant thunderstorms a month old memory while we rejoice in less grass growth.

I did manage to get out and get the new coil put on the latest 8N purchase. After replacing the old one however the tractor still wouldn't start so I fiddled around with the distributor and when I put it all back together it fired right up. So I am not at all sure that maybe something just didn't get loose in transport and the new coil was not really needed. I went ahead and left the new one on and put the old one in storage, 8N's have a bad habit of throwing out their coils often anyway so I am sure I will have an opportunity to test it out in the future.

The beauty of this little 8N (not pictured I reused a pic of my 8N for the post) is that someone has slapped smaller rear wheels on her and replaced the thin front wheels with later model 100 series tires and rims. This lowered the back end a good bit which I didn't like at first but makes sense for a small garden or food plot tractor when coupled with the dual speed axle. It allows better range on a plow set up and/or tiller and fixes the ground speed issue that 8N's have when trying to use tillers in general. It's actually pretty genius once I got to playing around with the old girl. The dual speed axle 8N's are not all that common anyway and honestly are a lot more useful for those purposes than the single speed one I have. Either someone put a lot of thought into the set up or just tried to cut corners and got lucky I am not sure which.

At least now I can unhook the tractor hauling flatbed trailer from my truck and maybe try and get a day or two of fence work in before it's time to start mowing again..... Maybe.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Most of the problem that I have with the Model A Ford is the distributor but then they located it near the exhaust manifold. The 8N is similar but improved over the old A. I think the early ones had the distributor on the front of the engine and later ones got moved to the side. Anyway they are good engines and fairly simple to work on. The new one sounds perfect for plowing.

  2. We had lower humidity here too and it has been a much needed break!


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