Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Reading - Our Brother's Keeper?

Came across an interesting opinion article over at Zerohedge this morning.

Where Will You Be When the End Game Begins?

There is a lot of food for thought in the article and the comments so if you have the time I would suggest going over and checking it out.

A couple of points of particular interest to me were the authors opinion of how hiding in a bunker off by yourself somewhere would in the end cause you more harm than good. As the on going decline continues it's communities that will survive not isolated individuals and it just keeps going and going eventually a solitary individual or small family will use up all the stores they have hidden. Then they must emerge into the harsh reality as virtual strangers facing the community that has worked and bled together to stay alive.

I am certainly not suggesting you don't store food but it is just as important to produce it as well. That way you will almost always have something to help others in the community out with. In the long term you are going to need them as much as they will need you.

Another very good point the author had which I have been saying for years now is that to openly fight the system right now makes you the bad guy. Almost everyone living in these Western countries today is 100% reliant on the governments. Whether you know it or not or will admit it or not we all depend on government spending for our livelihood in one form or another. When I proclaim a need to cease government spending, decrease government employees and rid ourselves of bogus government promises of public pensions and the like I am in truth talking about a fair number of my own family directly but also myself and others indirectly.

I don't deny for a second if it wasn't for the above mentioned things I more than likely wouldn't have a job. I will admit at least 60% of the customers that pay my wage get their own pay directly from the government. The remaining 40% get theirs indirectly from the same folks.

No matter how right those of us who speak out for individual accountability and removing government spending and control happen to be, the truth is for us to get our way things will have to get bad, really bad, before they get better. If we are seen as the catalyst for the decline and the bad times then we become the enemy. The only way we can save the day and bring as many with us as possible is to let the system collapse on it's own before we begin rebuilding and preaching individual accountability to the blind masses.

That doesn't mean we can't talk about it among ourselves on blogs such as this one. We know the score, we know the truth but when this all goes down we are going to have to bring so many of the ignorant masses with us to rebuild.

Those of us who are awake right now simply put are our brother's keepers and must always remember you cannot help those until they are ready to help themselves. If we try too hard to force the issue or move too fast we only make it worse. Not that it means we should roll over as it pertains to our own individual rights and freedoms at all but we need to remember the time to call a spade a spade and act against it needs to come after the masses see as well as we do.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. I have lost friends because of my views on the decline, they just don't want to associate with someone who doesn't toe the party line or something like that I guess. I'm not in their face, I just post on my blog once in awhile but that is enough. Kind of like boarding the Titanic and some guy asks if they can swim and do they have a live vest as this sucker is going down. I can understand it I guess but still it did go down.
    During the last dark ages they didn't have bunkers but instead they built castles or fortified communities where the population could fall back for protection from the ruler and his soldiers. It was a system that worked though I wouldn't associate the word freedom with it but they survived and it brought a form of order to their world that had once been the very civilized Roman empire. I still say that winter is the big enemy and the first winter will cause massive problems if there is some kind of grid down event.

    1. Yup. You and PP are loons.

      You scare people. That gravy train is never going to end, rainy days never happen and if they do Big Gubbiment and the Nanny State will be there to make everything better, and who needs those icky guns, or make sacrifices to save or prep for bad times? Ewwwww!!!!

      The wheels are coming off. Every day I watch as stupid people work at loosening the bolts and wondering why they get hurt when the machine fails.

      Bravo to both of you! You boys stick together. There's a lot riding on you younger guys. It make this old fart feel good knowing our best men are on the job.

  2. Its the same over here but the more I speak to people about it the more I find people think the same, being in a rural area we have a good sense of community and in times of strife the community pulls together

    1. What strikes me is the number of people, regardless of their political, national, or religious affiliations, who see "something coming." What strikes me even harder is how few of these same people are actually doing anything to get ahead of it!

  3. If everyone would just start their own gardens we would all be better off. I think just one small thing like that could make a difference.

    1. Indeed, it would be a start. People think that, if the SHTF, they can just "hunt and plant a garden." They have no idea...

      At least trying to start a garden would hopefully open their eyes to the "preparation needed before the ground is seeded!"

    2. I wonder if there has ever been a formula for how much garden per adult is needed. Of course it gets complicated by location and how much can be preserved. I think just growing tomatoes, beans and normal garden vegetables that a 100 x 100 foot space would supply about 3 or 4 people. Especially if things like potatoes, winter squash, sweet potatoes that store well are included. One would have to supplement with rice and a source of meat. Dried beans are real efficient and would be a must.

  4. Had 3 people ask me last fall to show them how to garden this year. Only one followed through. Last fall i ran out of tome to can stuff down out of the garden so I shared the extra with various neighbors.

    Its been a generally bad year for people in our province.

    I have also lost friends because I see the things coming and they are happy to work a couple of hours a day at a gov't job and spend 4+ hrs of work time on social media.


  5. Indeed; I've already been labeled as "weird" because I prep. I've already been labeled "racist" because of the Gadsden (Don't tread on me) flag I unfurled beneath Old Glory. All it takes in today's political climate to be labeled "The Adversary," "The Other Side," or "On the wrong side of history" is to disagree. Those labels, by the way, were straight from the mouth of the idiot in the White House. I guess all anyone with a brain can do is to keep on prepping and networking, and to shake his/her head in wonder at the sheeple... Kinda like Noah...

  6. We are so blessed to have found a niche in a community with Amish families in it. We have a wonderful Amish family who we are getting to know and work with. We know community is a major part of surviving any disaster and we have things to offer in the way of knowledge and supplies to grow. Being off grid and isolated has some advantages but I am not sure if it can be sustainable with only a small group. Good article by the way thank you for recommending it.

  7. I am quiet. Just go about my business. Frankly, most folks are not interested and it is just easier to carry on and find the like minded where they appear.

  8. I don't need "friends" who think they can show up here with nothing at TEOTWAKI and believe I'll just take them in so they can keep laying around and contributing nothing, so I tend to only make friends with likeminded prepping people. And I'll stay prepared, because I'd be an idiot not to. I don't much like idiots.


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