Monday, June 27, 2016

Costly Repairs

I thought about making a post tonight pointing out articles like ISIS recommending that it's lone wolf terrorist strike White Americans so they won't be viewed as racist. Or maybe the group out in Kalifornia that tried to put on the peaceful protest about traditional American values, Christianity and other apple pie type beliefs that were attacked by hundreds of knife wielding "minority" special interest groups. Yet the White group is called NEO-Nazi by the main stream media?

But what's the point really? If we don't "get it" by now we never will and pointing out the obvious just brings in more trolls. Not that I don't enjoy the good troll roast from time to time but right now I am too tired and harried to get into it.

We all know the score.

So last week I ended up putting in 54 hours for a job that was suppose to be 24 a week. Today I was hoping with the new guy I would get out at my normal time. YA how do you think that worked out?

I only worked 9 hours today instead of 11 though!!!!

We had a minor blow out of the computer system and no one could print anywhere. After all the corporate computer guys and a couple of managers ran around for hours they determined where the problem was and announced the printers would be offline until Wednesday morning.

Now I know what happened even though my professional computer and networking experience is about 20 years out of use. They are running some software that has been converted from the old mainframe days and used now on PC's that really only act like the old dummy terminals and the software will only talk to printers set up through the server on the network. However there are still 100's of applications needed daily outside this old software like emails and such were I get my bills of lading for new car deliveries.

I asked if they wanted me to wait until Wednesday morning to check in the new vehicle deliveries and of course all the managers turned white as sheets. At the volume that place throws out we are easily looking at a quarter million bucks per day if I don't get the deliveries on line for them to sell. When they determined that was unacceptable I volunteered to get at least one computer printing so we could get hard copies of the deliveries but they had to promise me immunity from the network administrator when he got back from his day off (which was today of course).

A little digging for the proper USB cables and switching the printers over to directly attach to the PC's and they could print, at least from all the Windows applications, nothing I could do about the old mainframe software being run in the emulator mode off the server unless they really wanted me to start pissing in someone Else's pool.

I am sure the network administrator is not going to be too happy tomorrow about putting the printers back on the network but at least I got all my deliveries printed out :)

This just seems to be the time of year right now for costly breakdowns and repairs for everyone. It's crazy busy at work as we are seeing easily 10x's the volume of service calls and apparently I am not immune either. My little POS get to work car started missing bad the other day. $500.00 for a tune up, new plugs, wires, coils... thank ya very much. Then the starter goes out on the farm truck right when I was starting it up to take it in for it's inspection. $450.00 for a new starter installed and several vacuum hoses replaced that had rotted out, but wait we are not done yet. It also failed the inspection because the ball joints were too loose. Another $450.00.

$1400.00 in repairs in one week.

I guess it's going to be a while before I buy any more implements around here. Guess it's a good thing I am getting all this overtime.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I actually followed what you were talking about with the computers as that is what I used to work on. You did good!
    Sounds like a lot of money for the truck parts, we have a guy near here who rebuilds starters and alternators for a reasonable price, I carry his card with me as you never know. You have to have that one running for sure though.

    1. Sf - Well the starter was like 250.00 with the inspection, installation and the new vacuum hoses etc. it all came out to 450.00. May have been a little high but he said he couldn;t find any refurb starters so it's a new one. I should have done the work myself actually but I just don't have the time right now.

  2. I thought that computers made everyone's life easier? Oh course we now know that was a Liberal MSM lie.....bahahahaha

  3. Ugh I hate when everything happens at once like that and you end up having to spend a fortune in one week.

    Trolls are everywhere. Even I get them and I keep stuff fairly neutral!

  4. PP,

    They say when you have to repair a vehicle, expect two other problems to occur. Everything happens in patterns when it involves vehicles.....especially in my house. Good job on getting the everything checked in at work.

  5. They'll wait till it all gets sorted out, but if I was IT-guy, I'd be nervous about his job.

  6. Trust me I understand.

    $1775 2 weeks ago.
    looks like another $525 this week.

    Then brakes on the van.

    I'll be glad when June is over. It historically costs me more than Xmas!

  7. Know the feeling Preppy. $1200 two weeks ago for brakes and a wheel hub repair on the van. And our tower computer is going out as well - fortunately we have laptops, but will need a larger one for pictures, etc.

  8. It really can be frustrating the timing of repairs. It is better than endless car payments though. Ah computers...they are worse than vehicles! You do lead an 'interesting' life!


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