Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Pleasant Day!!!

Believe it or not I actually got out of work after only four hours today, the 90 to 100+ degree heat went away and stayed in the lower 80's and the ground is still relatively moist from the rains we got Sunday night.

I just about got all the mowing done at the Small-Hold and brought in a load of wood I had already cut and waiting for me to transport on my way home too.

The down side? Cause ya know there has to be one. The main belt broke on one of my riding mowers so there is another repair charge that's coming down the pike. I ended up towing the thing with the tractor since I was about as far out with it as I need to go when mowing along the road. Somehow I picked up a stick that got wedged in there and ate that belt to shreds.

The rain and the cooler temps sure made the Buckwheat seeds happy because the little strip is now sprouting out like a carpet of green Buckwheat. The forecast looks like it's going to be mild in the lower 80's for a few days with maybe some more rain so it's possible I will start getting blooms within a week or so now. I am also about to the point that I feel safe in harvesting a little honey and after I get the mowing done I can do some much needed bee hive maintenance too. At least three of my hives need some more space and a few need an extra surplus super added I think.

Maybe, just maybe I might be able to get back to the fencing project once again too!!!

I can pretty much write off the main hay field if I don't get those sheep off of it before mid July. Even then if we don't get rain I won't be able to get a cutting off it this year but there is still a chance if I can get the East or the South pasture done before late July and I wait until September to bale the main field.

As it is I mowed right up until it was too dark to see. I figure I got at least three weeks of catch up just to get back to where I should be at this point. If we don't get any rain it will be easier to catch up but harder on everything else.

Keeping my fingers crossed that things are settling down at work and today isn't just an anomaly.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Looking after a smallholding and working away from home must be quite some juggling act for you, especially when the weather sets you back.

  2. PP, I do hope you can get back into a normal routine again. I drive my wife crazy when I just concern myself with today's activities vs worrying about everything over the next few months. Less stress.

  3. Do you ever bag the grass you mow and feed to the sheep? I did that with steers and they loved it. I need to start having some productive days like that with out broken equipment of course. The tobacco from your seed is looking good. I got some of the tobacco that they plant here and the leave are a little different shape so I don't know what kind it is yet.

  4. A pleasant day, my eye!

    It was 100 degrees with more to come the rest of the week.


  5. Good luck! Always so much to do. We still haven't cut hay - waiting for a dry spell.


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