Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Reading - Making Kymber Happy

Since Kymber won't let up on this Liebster Award thing this year and seems to forget we did all this like six years ago. Oh and also I am too lazy at the moment to photoshop oak leaf clusters onto the award jpeg. I am gonna answer her damned questions......

1. what is your favourite thing to do when you have 2 free hours all to yourself?
2. who is your favourite author and why?
3. when it snows do you make snow angels or snowmen? (c'm PP - we all know that you do!)
4. do you ever walk through the mud and/or grass in bare feet?
5. do you love where you live?
6. what is the most exciting thing that you ever grew and were thoroughly pleased with yourself by?
7. what is your favourite house cleaning tip?
8. what is your favourite alcoholic drink?
9. do you love swimming?
10. if someone got you a mermaid tail, would you wear it? in private and in public?

1. I will use an embedded video for this one....

Yes I like to browse Youtube videos made from video game animations. What were YOU thinking the video meant?

2. JRR Tolkien - Because he obviously had the greatest imagination ever and was not tainted by political correctness. He could spin allegory using real life culture like no one else.

3. I do not discriminate in my snow-person making.....

Each of them suffer equally.

4. Only when filling the wading pool with mud for the stripper wrestling show. Otherwise no.

5.  Usually yes.

6. I once slipped a bunch of pot seeds into my mother's fern plants when I was about 16. It was pretty exciting when she discovered them.

7. Get married :) (note - this one usually has diminishing returns though)

8. I used to really like them all. Especially after it got to the point I really couldn't taste them anymore. Eventually Canada filed a formal complaint with the state department and I haven't touched one in about 25 years now.

9. I love to take pictures where ever young women are swimming like a beach or a nudist colony so ya I guess I do.

10. I would make Mrs, PP wear it and then when she least expects it pull out a big filleting knife and tell her we are ready for stage 2. OMG that would be fun watching her try and run with a mermaid tail :)

OK there are you happy now?


  1. The internet is not for porn. Everybody knows it is for shopping for cute shoes.
    A faithful reader.

    1. I have some cute boots for you. They look like a mermaid tail when you put them on.... Now where'smy wetstone?

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - thank you so much! and on behalf of the canadian government - i will get that little "thing" you did in windsor wiped clean from your records! thanks again buddy. see?" there's a reason why i love you!

    your friend,
    (now i have to go and alert TB because he was hoping you would do the questions too!)

    1. wait a sec - you didn't nominate 5 blogs and you didn't do your 10 questions for those blogs. and you probably aren't going to. so i will be happy that you answered my questions.

      u no hoo

    2. TB rests much easier knowing that Preppy actually participated.

      New Lesson: To get Preppy to do something, have Kymber ask him to do it....

  3. What we do for our Blogoshere mermaid.....loved reading your answers!

  4. awesome answers.... I have been hiding from my acceptance blog post, and yes the things we do for our local mermaid...

  5. Best answers yet! Made me laugh and I loved the video!

  6. Having only recently been introduce to Kymber, I think you did the right thing!

  7. I had no idea this award was still making the rounds. It has really been around for years. I had to laugh about the pot plants.


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