Friday, May 13, 2016

Snake King Meets Cat Prince

So apparently George the local king of snakes didn't vacate the area after being scared up into the tree yesterday.

This afternoon as I was heading to the house from the barn I saw my cat, Pantheon, facing off with George under the same tree. My first reaction was to try and grab the cat and allow the snake to slither off but poor Pantheon was wound up so tight he would have come unglued if I had touched him so I decided to see what would happen.

I must say I was very impressed with Pantheon's speed and agility. My son, who is back from Florida already, got a video of the stand off with an impressive dodge/backflip from the cat as he avoided the snakes first strike. I never thought that little cat would be faster than that snake but he was. Pantheon managed to get a few claw slashes in on George's head while avoiding any strikes or entanglements.

Eventually I got Pantheon's attention just long enough for George to make a quick exit up the tree again but Pantheon couldn't resist a cheap shot to George's tail as the snake was making his climb. This stand off between the two royal critters of the Small-Hold (Because Pantheon is convinced he is the crowned prince of cats) was pretty much a draw but the cat did hold the field and was the only one to make actual contact.

I am pretty sure this little battle will play out again at some point. Maybe George will stay away from the yard and house/barn area though if Pantheon keeps pursuing him.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Would love to see the video when you get a chance. Might convince the lady to keep a cat around - or not.

  2. Our cats will kill a small snake, just for fun apparently. Not sure they would mess with a big one like your cat did.

  3. Yes! Yes! Please post the video!

  4. ya know what nutter bro - i am really enjoying these non-political posts and pics about what's going on at the small hold. that sure is one brave cat...but that sure is one brave snake. you'll have to keep us updated (even though you are a closet-loving-tire gardener! we'll have to start calling you caitlyn tiregardenner - oh bahahahahah! i kill myself sometimes!!!!)

    love you bro! keep on keepin'on...we got so much to learn from you! your friend,

  5. The next fight will be on Wednesday after school! Send Glen Filthie $15.00 and reserve your ringside seats now!!!

    Are you taking bets and giving odds, PP? ;)

    I'll put $10.00 on the cat and $5.00 on the snake!

  6. would love to see the video, never thought of a cat going for a snake, but then again I am not a cat person

  7. PP,

    Sounds like Pantheon has a little Pioneer Preppy blood running through his veins. Cat 1......Snake 0


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