Friday, May 20, 2016

2 Million Views and Another reason to Vote forTrump

Sometime today the view counter clicked over 2 million views. I would say that's fairly respectable in the homesteading and prepping genre of the blog-sphere. I am happy with it and I only had to post the scantily clad tractor operators very rarely too.  Honestly I saw the 2 mil mark coming back a few weeks ago and seriously thought about retiring the blog when it reached that point but I am still on the fence (haha) about it right now.

Besides if I am still doing a post after the horrible day I just had it must be hardwired into my brain or something. Not to go into all the details but let's just say not much of anything actually went right for me today. I had to work about two hours longer than I was suppose to.  I rushed home because I finally had a complete load of scrap metal to take to the recycling place because of what I cleaned out of the old falling down fence row. I loaded it all up on my truck and small trailer, strapped it down and headed for the nearest (and only) recycling place I know of which is about 8 miles away. I was kinda excited because I been wanting to get rid of some of the old scrap I had laying around for a while but never had enough to make a good load until now.

I pulled up to the place and it was gone. Oh the buildings were still there but the gate was closed, all the equipment was gone. I guess they closed down and moved out.

Well damn....Now what?

I also had to back the truck and small trailer (which I couldn't see until it was off course) about 300 yards to a spot I could turn around at. Good times let me tell ya.

Now I got all this scrap loaded on the truck and trailer and no clue where to take it to get rid of it. I really don't care about getting money for it, what with scrap prices the way they are it would barely pay for gas at this point. I just want to get rid of it.

Not really sure what to do with it right now.

When I got back home I found an unexpected bill for $166.00 waiting for me in the mail box and a rotting deer head the dogs dragged up into the yard from the Lord only knows where. A nice 8 point rack was on it though. Then as I was tagging the last two lambs of the season to let them out with the general population one of them peed all over me.

At this point I am just ready for bed so this day will be over.

However I did read about Trumps newly published ideas on dealing with student loans, higher education and such this evening. It's some pretty good stuff actually.

I know some of you are not impressed with Trump but like I pointed out months ago he was the only candidate that really had any clue where to strike to turn some of this crap around. As I have said many times. I would vote for Mickey Mouse right now if he promised to fight back against feminism and the Political correctness monster we are being devoured by. The only thing Trump could do to turn me away from him would be start talking about gun control and I doubt he will go that way. I don't care if he keeps spending money as long as he doesn't spend it the way it has been spent the last 50+ years.

Anyway Judgybitch has a good write up on Trumps proposed policy.

I especially like the part where he proposes to take government out of the student loan business.

Anyway I am off to sleep this terrible day away. Hopefully tomorrow will be better but I will be at work all day regardless.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Trump was endorsed by the NRA today, which IMO is not such a big deal nowadays, but I digress. He did actually recite the 2nd Amendment, and promised to protect it, and reverse a lot of obummers orders. Now I like for him to hold some feet to the fire, especially Eric holder ,Hillary "was does it matter" Clinton, and a whole gang of other political criminals.

  2. Check out today's Wall Street Journal editorial about new tariff increase of 522% against Chinese steel dumped in US. Steel prices should go up after that, but why is admin. doing that now?The scrap yards in FL have closed down. Can't afford to keep doors open. Said will reopen when oil goes up because will signal price rise in commodities. Don't understand but doesn't look good. Peg in Florida

  3. Congratulations on the 2 million views! That's pretty amazing, but I can see why, (and I don't visit for the tractor girls!!!)

    Sorry you had such a rotten day; I hate it when that happens. Hopefully you felt better after blogging? Shame about the scrap yard. Dan recently bought 6, 6-foot pieces of angle iron (don't know the weight) for $80. He went back several days later for 2, 4-foot pieces and they charged him $40. He was hopping mad about that.

  4. The local cheerleaders (tv news readers) are still highly motivated and are encouraging us to take great strides to recycle which caused me to wonder where they are storing all the junk that people are recycling. There must be a mountain of worthless scrap somewhere which will probably have to be cleaned up with tax payer money some day. I will just use our scrap metal to build art with, rich city people will actually buy pieces of junk with a price tag if the tag gives it a name and indicates that it is great art that shows the inner turmoil of society. My next project is to make a mold which I can us to make busts of obama from compacted horse manure. I figure as they melt away in peoples yards that it will help the environment and maybe help fight global warming (people will by anything if you put that on the tag).
    Anyway congratulations on the 2 million mark you may have got a few of them to actually think. I still remember that one guy who threatened the mother of all internet wars against you, he probably got a 100K clicks on your site alone. Keep on prepping!

  5. Following your election campaign trail from the other side of the pond has been entertaining and I must say we don't envy your choices. It's not often US candidates make UK candidates look Good! I have to say I'd vote Trump. Not because I think he's particularly great but because a Clinton or Sanders presidency scares me potless... I do like the way he consigns PC to the dustbin though.
    Sunny Brook busts of politicians made of compressed sh#t is an inspired idea and so so apt.

  6. MAN you take it in the shorts sometimes, well actaully it sounds like most of the time -= me? i woulda unloaded at the front gate anyway..

    you have more social graces than i ..

    good job on that tin roofing though!

    hold the fort pp!!!

  7. Congrats on the big 2 million! As for the tractor girls, let's get Kymber on one! :-)

  8. Retiring I dont think so you have too much to say, its not really a good time to retire the next few years could be interesting if Trump gets in, I did laugh at the lamb pee :-)

  9. Congrats on 2 million. Clinton scares the crap out of me.

  10. Maybe put up the scrap for free on your local online listing. Someone may take you up on it.

    I think lambs know when to get your goat. I had one once poop in my boot during feeding time.... All fine you say? I had shorts on and was not wearing socks. Oh well, that is what soap & water is for.

    Congratulations on the 2 million mark. Don't retire - we'd miss you (and the chicken/sheep updates... who needs tractor girls... hahaha) Hope the nap did you well.

  11. PP,

    Sorry to hear you've had a bad day. My cousin used to say, "Nothing goes right when your underwear's tight"......this should make you laugh :P

    Advertise your scraps on craigslist under free. They're some people who will take the items off your hands.

    Since I was up all night, I put the news on and they had an interview with Trump, he was talking about guns and how he wasn't going to take them away from the owners. He believes in the 2nd Amendment, wants to increase our military, and help Veterans. I can't wait to see a debate between Trump and Clinton......I may have to make some popcorn.....Bahahahahaha!!!


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