Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Reading - When Realities Collide Collapse is Our Best Bet

Earlier this week I was standing in the service bay at work and a young lady drove her car up to the door. I hit the button to open up and allow her to drive in and as the door slid slowly upwards I could just tell she wasn't too thrilled about negotiating her car into the opening.

It wasn't a large vehicle, just a  Fusion sized passenger sedan. She had plenty of room but was just not a very confident driver. I knew that look on her face. It's the same one my wife would get if I asked her to drive into a bay like that.

As she is sitting there in the car I hear my co-worker behind me exclaim that she won't pull into the drive through bay because he (being a Black Man) was standing there.

I am like "WTF?"

As a side here I pissed my co-worker off something fierce when I turned around and told him he needed to grow about 10 inches and put on a hundred pounds before he could self title himself intimidating and to get over it.

This is the kinda crap that 60+ years of victim politics has handed us folks and it is why we are seeing issues like we see with the Trump protestors and why it is going to turn violent unless we happen to get lucky enough to suffer a full government financial collapse before it all goes down.

People look at me like I am crazy when I say a financial collapse would be the best thing to ever happen to humanity right now but they fail to realize that the political and cultural strife we are witnessing today is only possible with an unlimited government credit card. Not that a broke government wouldn't lead to local and regional strife in it's own right but if you ask me local conflicts are much preferable to the global violence that is staring us in the face today. Yes there will be riots if the government checks bounce  and plenty of violence but these also act as a pressure lid that is holding it in until it explodes too.

The West in general and the US in particular is so divided by opposing views of reality that it permeates the most honest and average aspects of daily living. It has gone much deeper than political ideology and settled into our very core and there is no getting past that without conflict. The last hold out group is now beginning to stir in the form of Trump supporters and when they are finally moved to act then all the players will be militant.

Our best hope now is that the finances fail before things start getting really interesting.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Hear it all the time, I asked a woman to leave my shop once ad take her child because the child was wreaking havoc throwing stock around and her response was I know why you want us to leave its because we are black, I was gobsmacked

    1. Dawn - Yep they handed them the ultimate scapegoat excuse for life it seems.

  2. If you really study the world economy it has already collapsed somewhat, it is not officially collapsed because they will need to blame that on some enemy. The central banks around the world have pumped and rigged things to give the image that nothing is wrong. They create bubbles. Imagine a kid who is blowing air through a straw into a milk shake. He sucks some milk shake for himself and at the same time blows bubbles to keep the level up for his brother who is waiting to get some. (I know it isn't sanitary but it is the point that is important) Anyway the kid who is waiting for his milkshake turn will be left with a little bit as through illusion the bubbles (car loan, housing, student loan, dollar trading) keeps everything looking real good. It is when the glass is pushed over to the next guy (investors) that the sad truth will become too real. Sorry I have been thinking about a milk shake today.


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