Monday, February 15, 2016

Tractor Time - A Whole Lotta Green!!

Going to be working 12 hour shifts all week so posting will be a bit light I'm afraid. Although the temps are suppose to be much better than they have been lately it looks like a couple of days of rain so I might as well be working off the farm.

Not like I would be getting much done anyway and I doubt the tractor girls will get much done either.

I certainly ain't one to turn down 20 hours of overtime in one week as long as it doesn't happen every week anyway!!!

Tires are expensive and so is other stuff.
We needed some color besides Green in this post too....

Gotta keep the maintenance up and get ready for Spring.

As usual click for a larger image.....


  1. The last job I had, wrote me up for getting any overtime. It cost me $2000 of take home pay one year. That Christmas, the boss who wrote me up got pissed because I didn't get her the traditional bottle of Irish Cream.
    Without getting angry, I 'splaned to her that after the loss of my overtime, the luxuries had to go.
    Did I say my last job?
    Keep after it as long as you can PP.

  2. I disagree, green is the only colour you need on here!

  3. Thanks for adding Common Cents!!
    We added you to our Blogroll as well.... keep up the great work!!!


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