Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Tractor Lives Again!!!!

Got the fuel tank, radiator, batter shelf and everything put together and the old girl fires right up and runs smoothly.

You can see how horribly the newly painted parts now jive with the old parts. I didn't paint the fuel tank since it will be completely hidden and the guy rebuilding the engine wouldn't let me sand and paint the old frame in his shop. Not that I blame him. So I will be painting on this old girl most of the Spring I imagine every chance I get.

We deviated a bit from original. The guy that rebuilt her is a muscle car freak so he painted a few parts chrome and black that should have been red. We also used black on the head to help keep the heat rusting covered as long as possible. Like I sad she is going right back to work so she's going to get all scratched up again anyway.

I got the dash lights working on her again, including the little red ignition switch light which surprised me. We ran the wires for the headlights and I installed a cigarette lighter under the right center console area. More for the power port than for an extra lighter but I have a spotlight I want to be able to use off her if needed that plugs in.

Here's my refurbished and painted hood above and below. It doesn't look too bad but there were about three little spots that I didn't get clean enough and the paint wouldn't stick very well and a lot of unevenness due to my hasty sanding job.

We still need to buy the center emblem and some decals for her yet. I also think I am going to put some rubber hose over the flaps that someone cut out and bent up so they could install a taller battery.

Another interesting oddity was someone had either installed the wrong dipstick and tube that went into the block or well I don't know because the dipstick reading was all wrong. Might explain why I was having problems and why I kept thinking she was low on oil. As it turns out now we are thinking I put too much in and caused the pressure to help blow the rear seal. We ended up cutting the tube and reinstalling everything with the proper oil amount to be sure she now shows full when she is full.

The old seat was shot. I mean shot. We bought a new universal seat and installed in and all we are waiting for is the mechanics crew to put the sheet metal back on her now. Then I will slowly repaint the rest of the frame and lower body and start working on the rear fenders.

She's going to look kinda funky until I get the new and old paint differences evened out.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Looking good,nice that you found the dip stick problem, someone did some real screwing around with it.

  2. so nice when a plan comes together and a projet comes successfully to an end
    well done and congrats

  3. I thought about you recently when I saw an 8N that somebody had apparently converted to propane, it had a forklift bottle behind the seat.

  4. Looking really good! Dan's about to tear into ours. Doubtful there will be new paint, but hopefully all will go well.

  5. nice work there - you sure like your tractors (and the accessories ;-)

  6. That is looking good. It reminds me of the 801 diesel we used to have. Does your tractor have the hi-way gear that allows you to run down the road about 45-50mph?


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