Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Updated Parts Picture

The part on the left is what came out of the engine. The gears were already removed when we took the engine apart. Notice the four holes in the corners and the fact that the right wall in smooth (relatively) on the outside.

The part on the right is the part we keep getting when we order a replacement. Note the four holes in the corners are not there and that bulge on the outside wall. That bulge sticks out passed the wall of the block so there is no way that housing will fit inside the engine I have.

This is the casting number of the housing that came out of the engine. It is B9NN-6A308-C I am told from the tractor forums this means the part was designed in 1959 and was for the 172 diesel.

This replacement part has the casting number C0NN-6A308-C so the parts manual says it should fit but it doesn't.

My only hope at this point is to go look at a B9NN housing and hope it is the same size and then take it and have the holes drilled into it.

Or run the old girl without a balancer like she was before we split her open.

Either option has some questions and risks I think.


  1. My only idea would be to take the gears out and put them in the old housing, but you say that is not possible? I bet what you have is a part that is so rare the manufacturer didn't even make a note of it in their records after they changed it. I had the same problem with a tie rod on my dodge pickup. The part number was stamped on the rod, but the new parts were 6 inches too short. The part that actually fit was a tie rod that goes on the 4 wheel drives. Mine is a 2 wheel drive. The part they ended up using had a different part number entirely. Dodge says that rod won't fit on any of the 2 wheel drive models, but it fits on mine!

    1. Sd - I don't know if it would be possible or not at this point. No one is 100% sure the gears from the C0NN part are the same as the ones that are suppose to go into the B9NN one. They maybe but if they aren't and I take em out I have lost 400 bucks.

      I am guessing like you said I have an oddball attempt at something. Breaking crankshafts and vibration was a real problem with these engines and Ford tried many things over the years. My guess is the one I have was a short lived one. Funny thing though the actual part drawing in the manual has the four holes.

  2. Hey PP,
    Just doing Google time. I search for Farmall stuff.
    This place has a four hole base.

    And this place says some don't have it.

    Don't know if it will help.

    1. DennisinIowa - Thanks for the links!!! That picture in the first one is the standard drawing I see in the parts manuals. When I called places about it and had them visually check em they said they didn't have the four holes.

  3. Might try:

    They have given me good advice on other tractor parts.

    Might help, Might not. But worth the call....

  4. Parts Helpline: 1-866-441-8193

    A friend suggested this

  5. I don't know if this will help but the biggest tractor parts yard I have ever seen is outside of Westfield Wisconsin. Can't remember the name, but It may be worth an interweb search.

    Carl in the UP

    1. B and Carl - Well the guy putting this together for me doesn't want to wait any longer he wants it finished by this next week so he is going with switching the gears. If it don't work I told he might be putting a gas engine in the thing next year :)


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